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mirage end table (z gallerie) + vintage accessory (vintage typewriter)

to commemorate my new vintage typewriter i thought i'd try and find a nice table that would look fabulous to showcase my new vintage accessory. unfortunately my vintage typewriter doesn't look as nice as this one. (to see a photo of my new vintage buy, check it out on this post.) i do plan on purchasing a small side table for my typewriter. i'll be sure to post that, once i have it.

btw...i was looking up online the year of my vintage typewriter and it's a 1958 typewriter.


Brooklyn Loft

i am swooning over this Brooklyn loft for its nice clean, crisp look. loving the simplicity of the space.

< before >

< after >

...who says small spaces can't look fabulous?!...



happy early birthday...

i got my early birthday present for myself today (about 2-3 weeks early). i was lucky enough to find a vintage typewriter from a seller that lived close by...and it is gorgeous. i can't wait until this weekend and clean it up a little and take some more photos of my lovely new accessory.

for now, here's a photo i took from my iPhone...vint green app.

happy monday...

happy monday! i hope it starts cooling down over here in the bay area. it's been too hot over here for the last few days. it's hard to get motivated when it's too hot and you have no a/c in your home. (i'm ready for Fall!!!)


vintage typewriter

Vintage Typewriter

i am on a hunt for a vintage typewriter to put in my future "home office". just love the way they look. i wonder how much is a reasonable price to buy one because i don't want to spend too much.



back to the basics...

a long, long time ago...before there was email, text messages, facebook, etc...i was pretty good in sending out cards for almost every occassion. but i admit i got lazy and just relied on technology. i was inspired to get back to the basics and stay on top of sending out birthday cards, thank you cards, etc. i realized receiving an actual card is so much more meaningful and personal than an email, text message, etc...especially there's so many cute cards out there. (and i can make them myself too ^_^.)

i just sent out a couple of thank you cards today...yay!...it's a start...

happy relaxing weekend...

happy friday and happy weekend...been so busy this week trying to catch up and getting back on the regular grind. it always seems to take me about a week to recover from a (weekend/week) vacation...so back on track on monday and will post some photos from the resort we stayed at.

...thankfully no particular plans for the weekend so just planning on relaxing and enjoying the weekend w/ my bf since he's actually off all weekend...yay...

happy relaxing weekend ^_^.




i am extremely exhausted. there's so much to do and so little time. i'm still trying to organize my photos from my weekend vacay last week so that i can share it here. it'll probably take me another day or two to catch up. just can't wait to get back on track. before and after a vacation, whether it's only for a weekend or for a week or so, it's always pretty hectic on those days...just trying to get back on the grind...




waiting here at the airport and thought I'd share this lovely photo I
took ...

...Justin is looking oh so gorgeous for this ad...wish he was the one
sitting next to me at the plane...a girl can always dream right?!

happy beach weekend vacay...

the weekend is finally here and it's time for some fun. i'll be out of town, for a weekend vacay, to celebrate a dear friends 30th birthday down in SoCal, at Newport Beach Pelican Hill Resort.

i'll be enjoying my time lounging around w/ my lovely friends.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend. looking forward to sharing some photos next week.




bravo's ryan brown "flipping out"

bravo's, ryan brown's home, of the show "flipping out", was featured in LA Times and just as seen on tv, his home is stunning. i love the details he's put into their home.

here are some of my favorite photos of his home...

to see the rest of their home go here.



happy weekend...

marilyn monroe

the weekend is here and it's time to catch up on some reading. i have to be honest and say i haven't really started reading my book. i just got through about 3 pages ONLY! -_- ... but will start on it for sure this weekend. asides from that, i will be backing up some photos as well. it's that time again for backing up my stuff. it'll be time consuming since i haven't done it for a while so i better catch up on that this weekend.

it'll be a relaxing weekend...just what i need ^_^.

have a good "catch up" & relaxing weekend.



fashion designers + sesame street

one of my childhood favorite shows...sesame street...to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this infamous street, some top designers posed with their favorite sesame street characters.

diane von furstenberg + big bird

vera wang + abby cadabby

derek lam & thakoon panichgul + bert & ernie

francisco costa + grover

carolina herrera + elmo

kate & laura mulleavy + cookie monster

oscar de la renta + oscar the grouch



i want these...

i'm on a hunt for some casual tennis shoes. and i fell in love with these onitsuka tiger by asics mexico66. i'm hoping to get them soon...it's on my "to buy" list ^_^. i haven't decided which color i like but i think i'm liking this color. it can pretty much go with any fit.

ahhh...i wish i got them when i saw it a couple of weeks ago at Shoe Biz. now i can't stop thinking about it. when i want something...i want something!


< design intermix >

goodwin armchair (west elm) + side table (vintage louis vuitton trunk) = mix of new with the old

uncluttered desk space

i was able to reorganize my desk space over the weekend and it feels so good to have finally done that. i totally procrastinated on it. i'm glad i made it a priority. now it's a much better place to work on. i got my new gold tray accessory, i got a few weeks ago, that fits perfectly on top of the desk. now i just need to work on my inspiration board which i haven't touched forever. and i need to put something on that gold picture frame.

on my to do list. get a new chair. this chair is not only very...very uncomfortable, but it's also an eye sore. (that's why i tried not to show too much of it on the photo...too ashamed.) i'm also way over this table. i want a more feminine table. when we have an extra space for my home office/arts & crafts/blogging room then i'll eventually replace this table. (it's not in the budget right now...so this will do 'til then).

i finally did put back my blue chair next to my desk space so i can also do some blogging there since my desk chair isn't comfortable to sit on for hours. and at least i have a great view of our balcony. it's always good to have natural light.

...loving my organize desk space...


magazines - toss or keep

i had a very productive weekend and was able to do some tons of reorganizing. i had quite a few stuff to toss, recycle, donate and keep. i was able to recycle tons and tons of my interior design magazines. it was hard for me to let them go but i knew i had to especially since i haven't looked at most of them in more than a year. but i still had about 3 boxes left full of magazines. i can't seem to get rid of all of them. i wonder if i'm the only one that feels that way. especially my old Domino magazines i had to keep all of them especially knowing that Domino isn't here anymore :'(.

(i also finally took a lot of clutter out of our shelves in the living room. but now it's so bare that i need to find a few things to put on there.)



happy reorganizing weekend

it's a holiday 3-day weekend and i am in the mood in reorganizing our home. i am super excited to do some cleaning and some reorganizing. and of course will be making some time to do some blogging as well. the weekend wouldn't be complete w/o doing that. (get some ideas down, get some inspirations images, etc.)

have a great 3-day weekend ^_^!!!



designer Windsor Smith's home

designer windsor smith was featured on house beautiful and i fell in love with her place. i just loved how she uses colors in the different rooms, especially the use of black. not a lot of people can pull off the black look, but when it's done correctly like windsor smith has, it can look super chic!

here are a few images that i loved.

to see more check it out here.