Happy weekend...

Happy weekend. It's time to relax and enjoy our California weather. We are definitely spoiled out here in Cali.

Although they say it's going to be "hot" here this weekend, I'm not really going to complain since our hot here, is cool for the East Coast. Grateful for what we have here in the West Coast.



Architecture l-o-v-e

Love looking at architectural photographs...

Photographer, Scott Frances, I found here.

New Canaan, Connecticut

Walt Disney Concert Hall: Frank Gehry
Los Angeles

Fallingwater: Frank Lloyd Wright
Mill Run, Pennsylvania


Makes me happy...

Making coffee every morning for me and my guy makes me happy...it's always the simplest things that means the most.



St. Regis New York - Tiffany Suite

This new Tiffany Suite at the St. Regis in New York is simply breathtaking...

The Entry alone is quite stunning.

What's a Tiffany Suite without the ever so iconic Tiffany Blue accent throughout the Suite. Loving every bit of glamour in here. Oh how I wish I can afford $8,500/night price to stay here.



Hi! Hi!

Hi! Hi!

Been on a hiatus here, but trying to get back on it though. Finally got caught up on reading some of my favorite blogs, some leisure reading (current book summer read - Carrie Diaries), some organizing and cleaning at home...and trying to stay afloat with busy days at work...

Happy Monday...



Feeling better...

Was sick all last week and feeling much better now. Now time to catch up on some reading, cleaning, etc...happy hump day!

I must say I did have a great time with my girls over the 4th of July weekend. Words can't even describe how much fun I had with them, let alone, the NKOTBsb concert was Ah-mazingly fun. Reliving that weekend through some photos and videos. Can't wait for our next trip together.



Hello weekend...

The weekend is here and it's almost time for me to spend some quality time with the besties. I haven't seen them in ... forever it seems. Can't wait to meet up with them on our lil weekend getaway to Las Vegas to celebrate one of our dear friends birthday.

And we'll be watching the NKOTBSB concert.

Since we're seeing one of our favorite 80's group, why not watch the concert in 80's fashion. I got inspired a little with my outfit from the Flashdance movie. And of course, 80's fashion icon, Madonna.

Can't wait to see what the girls will be wearing. I think I'll have a combination of Carrie (of photo below) & Samantha...sorta...

Have a great weekend blog world.