Game plan...

It's time to make a game plan on some up coming personal projects...writing/typing things down helps make sure to follow through on the plans/goals/etc whatever they might be.

Happy new {work} week...



Hi Friday...

Ah the weekend...it's all about getting some rest (and enjoying the day with friends and family.) Rest is the number one priority for this weekend. This inspired room is perfect for a Spring weekend to sleep in and just enjoy the comfy bed and beautiful day.

Have a good {easter} weekend...



Bikes, bikes, and more bikes...

This bicycle shop in Germany has a good way to let people know about their store. Thought this was an interesting way to showcase your inventory or recycle your old bikes.



Dreaming of...

Did I mention I had a fabulous weekend? I had a great weekend getaway with the girls to the Central Coast. Being so close to the beach is my kind of getaway. So now, just wishing the beach was just right here.

...ahhh...my wish to have the beach right on our backyard.



Hello new work week...

It's time to start thinking about my next book to read. I think I know what I want, so I'm pretty excited for my next read. But I must first finish reading the book I currently have on hand.



Hello road trip weekend ...

This weekend, me and the girls is taking a lil road trip down the Central Coast. It's going to be short, but sweet. Our main destination will be to the infamous Hearst Castle. We've never been, so we're all pretty excited. Can't wait til we hit the road tomorrow bright and early!!!

Happy weekend.



Feeling blue...

I'm feeling at tad blue lately...I wouldn't mind lounging around this comfy looking couch. And the wall finishes, is very bold and pretty fabulous.



My road trip essentials...

Here are some of my must haves for a road trip...

1. Great friends...good company
2. A lovely camera to capture the weekend
3. A cute weekend bag
4. Snacks (and drinks.) (What's a road trip without snacks.)
5. Cute pair of sunglasses
6. Music for the road

Looking forward to our girls Hearst Castle road trip this weekend.

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Chic Paris Apartment

I am obsessing a lot about Paris lately, (don't mind me). Maybe because it's on the top of my list of 'places I want to visit' and I am really anxious to make it happen one of these days. So for now, I guess I shall day dream with all the lovely images I run into.

I wouldn't mind waking up to this view in this room every morning. Oh Paris, one day we shall see each other...



Hello Monday...

I saw this quote a few weeks ago and thought this is such a perfect quote for a Monday.

Happy Monday...




I lost my blogging momentum this week. With a very productive spring cleaning I had last weekend, I feel like I'm still catching up on some rest. So this week, my posts has been to a bare minimum. But at least I got the major part of my spring cleaning done so I'm happy.

I'm looking forward to better blog posts next week.



hello {spring} weekend...

It's been such a gorgeous spring weather here in the bay area. Spring is one of my favorite season, after Fall. And all I want to do is hangout outside and just enjoy this beautiful weather. A lovely chic picnic like this would be so nice. (I think I want to somewhat recreate this.)

Asides for beautiful weather, Spring time also means...spring cleaning...this weekends spring cleaning task will be reorganizing the storage closet and our walk in closet. Time to let go of unnecessary stuff and reorganize.

I believe a clean and organize home, makes a happy life and an organized life. So time to get happy and enjoy the weekend...

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