i just double checked my external hard drive and my online photo storage and realized that not all my photos are backed up.

so i guess for the new few days i have to play catch up and backup the rest of my photos. i've learned the hard way that i MUST do this on a regular basis. so i back up my photos at least 2x/month. photos are so precious and priceless. i don't want to loose any more.

i thought i was all caught up backing up my photos, but i guess i missed some old ones. this is going to be one semi-big project.


good reads??...

i've finally finished reading One Fifth Avenue, by Candace Bushnell, and am looking for a new book to read. i think i want to read My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. which will be a featured film coming out in June starring Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin. hmmm, i better buy that book soon and/or find a new book.

(image courtesy of flickr.)


demi & ashton


so lately i've been hearing alot about this power couple because of their twitter. i myself don't have a twitter account, but i seem to hear a lot about them lately online or on tv. and i remembered reading an article in architectural digest a few years ago that featured their home. so i figured, i should post it up.

what a great view to have.

love that pop of color of the fire place. i'd love to join them for dinner at that dining table :).

great way to bring the outdoors in with the floor to ceiling windows.

the backyard pool area looks so perfect. i think i'm going to have to get one of these houses one of these days.

that reading corner here in the master bedroom looks so comfortable. i want one of those.

(images courtesy of architectural digest.)


room of the week 04.27.09


the warm wood tones on the ceiling and the cabinetry compliments the floor (i belive it's marble, but not quite sure) and the glass walls. loving the open floor plan...what a great space to entertain, especially with that grand piano. wish i knew how to play one of those.

(image courtesy of dwell.)


blissful weekend...


it'll be a nice spring weather this weekend. i definitely plan on enjoying this weather.

have a good one ^_^!

(image courtesy of dean isidro.)


derek lam's loft

one of my favorite designers, derek lam, was featured in harpers bazaar featuring his soho loft. it's always nice to see one of my favorite designers living space.

the skylight in the living room makes the room even feel more open. love the pop of color with those blue chairs. wall art doesn't always have to be hung up and this just proves it. by having the wall art low, it makes the space even feel taller and grand.

it's nice to have a seating area in a master bedroom where you can unwind from a long hard day.

one way to make your artwork stand out, is to have darker walls and furniture while having a nice, bright piece of art like this Picasso.

i am liking this masculine look of furniture.

outdoor space is always a luxury for the city. what a great space to entertain.

(images courtesy of harpers bazaar)


room of the week 04.22.09

when i saw this room, i was amazed how the framed photos and art work looked so organized. although the frames are all different sizes, keeping the frame colors to a minimum (2 or 3) gives a unified look and gives more definition to the wall.

(to view the rest of this great soho loft)

(image courtesy of loft life mag.)


work in progress...

i'm almost feeling a 100% better. i'm at about 87% right now...slowly getting there. and thankfully it's going to start cooling down as well. it's been way too hot to do anything.

i did manage to play around with how i want this blog to look. i don't know much about html, etc and all those technical stuff. but thanks to the internet, i found a few sites, like bloggerbuster, to help me out so that i can customize my blog the way i want it to look.

one of my favorite color combos is the infamous tiffany blue color + brown. those were my inspirational colors.

i'm still playing around with it, so it's a work in progress. so far, i like how it turned out. simple, but not too simple. i wanted to keep it simple so that it doesn't distract from my posts. i may leave it the way it is or i may try other options.

stay tune...



right now i'm totally feeling under the weather.

hopefully i'll get over this quick so that i can enjoy this beautiful spring weather we're having.

it's time to relax and get some rest.

have a good weekend ^_^

(image courtesy of corrie bond.)

new spring wallet...

so i've been on a hunt for a clutch purse and saw this wallet at urban outfitters.

i totally fell in love with the color. i just had to get it even though i normally don't carry a wallet, just a card holder. i normally just have my debit card and drivers license, not much stuff. but i guess now i have to carry cash, etc so that i can use this beautiful wallet. doesn't it remind you of the infamous "tiffany blue" color? it's a great looking spring wallet ^_^.

check out the lining inside. so pretty.

i'm still on a hunt for a clutch purse that'll fit the "necessities".


ready...get set...GO

tomorrow will be a start of a new beginning.

better start now than procrastinate even more before it gets out of hand.

(image via real simple.)


summer weekend vacation...

i'm currently planning a trip to see my lovely, beautiful friends down in socal in a few months this summer...it's always a pleasure to see them all.

right now i'm in the process on looking for the best, affordable flights...then the count down begins :)...



it's raining over here and loving it.

we totally need the rain...keep it coming...PLEASE!...i think i'm gonna have to do some kind of rain dance or something.

(image courtesy of sartorialist.)


< inspired photo(s) of the day... >

as i was driving into our parking garage, i noticed this tree that had its flowers blossoming. (i'm not quite sure what type of tree it is, but it does remind of of a cherry blossom tree.) for some reason the branches of the tree with its flowers blooming and the gloomy background inspired me to take a few pictures.

i always have my camera where ever and when ever. i never leave home without it. my theory is, you'll never know who you might run it to, maybe justin timberlake, brad pitt, etc. and you just might find something inspiring to take a picture of, like today. i still haven't ran into justin though...but there's always wishful thinking ^_^...

(this is now going to be a new < series > for my blog)


every girl needs to have at least 1 LBD in their closet. it's a "must have". a simple little black dress are great for any and almost any occasion.

i strongly believe in a great bargain. it doesn't matter where you buy something, what matters is that it looks good and you feel good wearing it.

i recently bought a couple of lbd's at our local Kohl's store. they were a great find and they were on sale!

the mixed media dress can look great casual with some simple flats or sandals and they can look a little more formal with some nice pair of heels. verawang mixed media lbd

the surplice dress is more of a formal looking dress. by having different accessories can make the dress look different every time you wear it. you can wear the belt that it came with or can have a different belt (skinny red patent leather belt would look fabulous) or can wear it w/o any belt. verawang surplice lbd

(image of dresses courtesy of Kohl's.)


< DIY > - old to renew

over the weekend i decided to paint one of my frames that i've had for more than 10 years. i received it as a gift from one of my cousins. i was going to toss the frame and just buy a new frame for the photo that's currently in there, but i decided i should just paint it white to give it more of an updated look, since i didn't really want to recut the photo especially since it's currently in a heart shape and it'll be hard to find a frame that will match the exact dimension of the photo. so painting the frame white was the next best thing.

and i thought it looks a lot better now. it goes well with my new white small frame that i got at Michaels. a simple coat of paint can come a long way.

{update}...here's a photo of the frame next to some other frames... the black frame behind it, i plan on replacing. i'm thinking of looking for another white frame...for some reason lately i've been drawn to white frames. i need a frame large enough to hide the outlet behind.

(see our lovely beta fish, "tuyo".)


room of the week 04.06.09


this goth-glam bedroom is a bedroom that'll make you feel like a rock star. the over sized louis xiv bed with the black wallpaper definitely sets that mood.

(image courtesy of livingetc.)

found it!!!

yay! so over the weekend i've found the mirror i've been looking for. ever since i saw jen's home from her madebygirl, blog here, i totally fell in love with her place. one of the many things that has caught my eye is the mirror that she has in her guest bathroom. ever since i saw that, i was in a mission in finding a similar mirror and i finally found it over the weekend at Marshalls for only $20!!... my lovely other half was very nice enough to hang it up for me...

it looks better in person. the lighting in the bathroom doesn't look too great in the picture.

here's jen's mirror from her guest bathroom


cleaning day....

(image courtesty of real simple magazine.)
so it's that time again...my monthly cleaning of the apt and to start off some spring cleaning... (image courtesty of real simple magazine.)

i actually don't mind cleaning. it's very theraputic for me...

today will be the usual scrubbing, wiping, vaccuming, etc...then next week will be the organizing and tossing to get the spring cleaning going...

some of my ultimate favorite cleaning products are the magic eraser which totally works...it's magic!

and the swifter feather duster...

happy cleaning :)...



lately i've been feeling somber. i don't know if it's a combination of stress and exhaustion from having a full pack weekend the entire month last month or what!?!...i feel like i'm physically & emotionally tired. i need a weekend of doing whole lot of NOTHING...thankfully this month my weekends aren't busy...not yet at least. so far my social calendar isn't too full which gives me some time to catch up on some rest.

(image courtesy of marie claire.)