Chinatown + Haight & Ashbury (S.F.)

Over the weekend, my guy and I went to the city...

Chinatown = that place is so busy and a little overwhelming. It's a great place to take photographs. Lots of people, interesting buildings with vibrant colors, etc.

Haight & Ashbury = great place to do some shopping, but unfortunately I didn't buy anything.


princess dress?

Kate Middleton & Prince William has officially set a date for their royal wedding, April 29, 2011. And of course we all want to know what a princess will be wearing for this grand royal event.

A few designers have shared their sketches of their fantasy dresses for the soon to be Princess.

Monique Lhuillier

Reem Acra

Reem Acra

Ben De Lisi

Ben De Lisi

Suzanne Neville

Ashley Isham

Ralph & Russo

I think I like the Ralph & Russo dress. Looks like a princess dress. Lux, Glam & Simplicity all in one. I also like the Monique Lhuillier dress as well. Reminds me of an updated version of Princess Diana's dress.

I wonder who's the lucky designer that gets to design this dress that's going down in history...




“I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.” ~R.C.

(Btw...I want that ottoman!!!)

Photo Gallery

I just love this wall of photo gallery. Looks crisp and clean with the simplicity of those white frames with the black & white photos. And that chandelier just adds a touch of glamour.



Got light?

When I first saw this image, I fell in love immediately with this light fixture. (Isn't it cool or what?!) That's the only thing I noticed at first. And as I looked at this image more, I realized not only is the light fixture amazing, but that table is gorgeous. The combination of both the light fixture and the table is simply fabulous. I wouldn't mind having them at our home, if only we had the space for it.



Just a thought...

"I don't want to be alone, I want to be left alone" ~Audrey Hepburn

I saw this quote from one of my favorite blogs here and thought this is exactly how I'm feeling so thought I'd post this quote here on my blog.

(image source unknown)


how to deal ...

going through a very difficult time in my life right now. not sure if life will ever feel "normal". and not really sure how to deal with it all. *sigh*



i want...

i'm on a hunt for a new duvet cover. i saw this at west elm and i am swooning over this. and i am liking this slate color too.


hi! i'm here!!!

hello blog world! it's good to be here. as you can see my guy and i are expecting our first lil one. i'm currently about 6 months pregnant. that's why i've been MIA for about 6 months. just been too tired to do anything and trying to rest as much as possible. and i'm sure once our lil one arrives, i'll be even busier than ever! but i am determined to stay inspired. i read a lot of design blogs that are written by mothers, so if they can do it, i'm sure i can too. i'm determined to be super mom ^_^.

i just need to try and find the balance on how to do it all. wish i knew their secrets. although i've been MIA on my blog, i have been keeping up on some blog readings with some of my favorite blogs. i am slowly getting my passion and inspirations back in me and it's nice to know that i still have it in me. labor day weekend has just passed and i feel like it's a new beginning for me here in my blog. a lot of kids have gone back to school, summer has officially ended, etc. and for me i feel like i've gone back to one of my passion...blogging...




read + read + read

this weeks goal is to catch up on some reading that i am way...way behind...time to catch up on some books + magazines + favorite blogs...



hello blog world...

i know i've been a way longer than expected...now i'm trying to slowly get back into the blog world. a lot of new things going on in my life right now so i'm still trying to find the right balance. i admit that i did loose my inspiration and motivation but thankfully it's slowly coming back. just by trying to read and catch up on some of my favorite blogs helps bring back the passion i have about design, photography, etc.

i hope to at least commit to blogging at least once a week until i slowly get back to finding my balance and be inspired again.

it is good to be back and i do hope to keep it up.



taking a break...

taking a break from the blog world to refocus...will be back in 2 weeks.



i'm back...

i was unexpectedly out of the blog world all last week since i wasn't feeling too good and just tried to rest as much as possible. but now i'm feeling much better and ready to get back on the blog world. i feel so behind and feel like it's going to take me a few days to finally catch up and be on track, but i'm glad to just be back and get inspired...be inspired...and to inspire ^_^.

have a great monday and a great week to all ^_^.



happy {arts & crafts} weekend...

hello weekend!

it's going to be an arts and crafts weekend. since i only have a day to work on this, it won't be my best, but i'll still put some love and effort to it. just a simple birthday present for some friends and my guy for their birthday. i wasn't sure what i wanted to do and finally it just came to me yesterday what i should do. i would have worked on it last night but i had some technical difficulties (out of ink). so will have only a few hours to work on it today so that i can give it to them this evening.

i'm hoping the rest of the weekend i can finally play with my camera even more. i was so busy and tired the entire week that i didn't even get to touch my camera -_-. so i'm determined to spend a lot of my time this weekend playing with my new camera.

happy {arts & crafts} weekend!



glimpse inside - New York City home

interior designer Paula Caravelli's home in New York City has so much great stuff. love what she's done to her home. it has a touch of Paris inside her New York City apartment. love the vintage pieces she has in almost every room, it just makes me want to go shopping for some vintage pieces...if only we had more room in our apartment.



room of the week

when I saw this room I just fell in love with that couch and chaise. i could just see myself relaxing on there. just seems super comfy. it some what reminds me of a marshmallow...a chocolate marshmallow ^_^.


happy {birthday} monday...

it's my guys birthday today!...happy birthday LOVE!...we're just having a simple celebration today. dinner with friends and then watching a movie (Alice in Wonderland in 3D IMAX)...it's the march madness of birthdays. tons of birthdays this month.

and over the weekend i finally bought a new camera. so exciting. tons to learn on my new camera and extremely excited for what the new camera has to offer. (thanks to my guy who said that the only thing he wants for his birthday is for me to buy the camera that i've been wanting.)

last week i wasn't able to post much since i'm still trying to figure out things for my blog. i attended the blog out loud event in san francisco and got inspired with ideas, tips, etc. hopefully it'll get me out of this rut that i've been having.

it's going to be a great week...



happy {busy} monday

happy monday!

had a great mini vacay in Lake Tahoe...now time for a new week.

unfortunately i started to catch a cold over the weekend, so i'm not feeling too well. so i'm hoping to get over it soon by drinking lots of liquids, resting and taking some medicine.

it's going to be another busy week...have a great monday...great week...



happy {snowy} weekend...

my guy and i (with some great friends) is out here in Lake Tahoe...

...time to relax...

...enjoy the snow and great company of friends...



road trip...

after work it's time for our mini vacay...time for a road trip with my guy to Lake Tahoe. we'll be meeting our friends in a cabin. it's going to be a beautiful and fun mini vacay up in Lake Tahoe...suppose to be snowing...



packing day...

it's packing day...time to prepare for our mini vacay to Lake Tahoe...super excited.



glimpse inside - Evo

Evo is the only LEED silver residential high-rise building in Los Angles which was recently featured in Interior Design Magazine. When I saw this article I just fell in love with the views of the skyline of Los Angeles.

Here are some of my favorite photos that was featured...

i just love what they've done to the 20th floor showhouse...i'd be a buyer if i had the means for it.