i want...

i'm on a hunt for a new duvet cover. i saw this at west elm and i am swooning over this. and i am liking this slate color too.


hi! i'm here!!!

hello blog world! it's good to be here. as you can see my guy and i are expecting our first lil one. i'm currently about 6 months pregnant. that's why i've been MIA for about 6 months. just been too tired to do anything and trying to rest as much as possible. and i'm sure once our lil one arrives, i'll be even busier than ever! but i am determined to stay inspired. i read a lot of design blogs that are written by mothers, so if they can do it, i'm sure i can too. i'm determined to be super mom ^_^.

i just need to try and find the balance on how to do it all. wish i knew their secrets. although i've been MIA on my blog, i have been keeping up on some blog readings with some of my favorite blogs. i am slowly getting my passion and inspirations back in me and it's nice to know that i still have it in me. labor day weekend has just passed and i feel like it's a new beginning for me here in my blog. a lot of kids have gone back to school, summer has officially ended, etc. and for me i feel like i've gone back to one of my passion...blogging...