hello comfort...

This living room looks absolutely comfortable. A great space to just lounge around in that comfy looking couch. Loving all the different pillows around and that bookshelf is so neatly organized. Love the pops of yellow throughout the shelving. And that light fixture...I can just go on and on about all the things I love about this space.



Parisian inspired...

I am completely swooning over this Parisian inspired guest bathroom. From the mirror, tub, etc...even the touch of the pink towels makes it even more lovely than it already is.

Cute idea of the inlaid mosaic tiles..."Monsieur" "Madame".

These napkin rings are pretty awesome! I need to find out where I can find this.



Stairway to...

One thing I've always had a fascination of...stairs...especially spiral staircases. There's something about them that when I look at them, it's like looking at a piece of art...this particular one is just so pretty, reminds me of Marie Antoinette. I can just image this in her home.



Hello Monday...

A lovely weekend has come to an end...now it's time for a fresh new week. One thing I love about Mondays, I feel like it's a fresh new start. And if I had a bad week, or even a great week, I feel like I can have a fresh new start and make the upcoming week even better.

I would love to wake up to this view everyday. I can just see myself enjoying this view and feeling rejuvenated every morning. (Can I please have a pair of these chairs for our home?!)



Yuppie! It's Friday...

Hello Friday...Hello Weekend...day trip to Napa with the girls on Saturday for a bachelorette celebration. But too bad it looks like it's going to be raining off and on on Saturday...

Sunday...spending the day playing with my camera and just enjoy a lovely well deserved lazy day...

I heart weekends.

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Modern Architecture

Architect Peter Gluck - "Tri-level residence near Austin, Texas. The home appears to float above the landscape, with a subterranean first floor, a glass pavilion at ground level, and a top floor—wrapped in a red mahogany veneer—set among a grove of live oak trees."


Inspired space

I am swooning over this ceiling. Adds so much more interest to the space. Love the balance of the look with the ceiling, dining and the chandelier.



Spring Cleaning - Magazines

It's that time of year again...spring cleaning...time to think about the game plan.

I have tons of design magazines in our storage closet that's sitting in boxes. And I have to admit, I haven't touched them in years. Just knowing I have them, makes me feel at ease. Especially my entire Domino mags are in there. It's just so hard to let them go, but I think it's time to part ways with them since I need more room in our small storage closet and like I said, I haven't touched them in over 2years.

What to do...what to do...let go? I think it'll be hard to part ways with them, but I have to do what I have to do...



Hello Monday...

It's going to be another gloomy week for us here in the bay area and I am loving it. No complaints here. Days like this, all I want to do is sit in a comfy chair and read a book/magazine/just be on my laptop and just enjoy the lovely sounds of the rain out my window.

It's going to be another great productive week...



Big wall art...

I would love to have this wall art in our living room. If I can take a great photo similar to this and turn it into b&w and just have it printed on canvas, I would so have something similar to this. I may just have to work on my photography skills or maybe a lovely friend that's a great photographer would let me print one of her works in canvas and have it enlarged. I totally can picture this in our living room wall and this is something my guy would totally like.

I'm determined to have my own work on our walls...



black & white

Love this b&w home office area at a studio apartment in NYC. Simple and clean...




I am swooning over this antique French mirror (from Bijan Royal). Such a big statement by itself. And the hand-painted wall covering just added even more glamour to this foyer...I like!



happy {pom poms} weekend

Happy DIY {pom poms} weekend...

I'm hoping to make 15 pom poms this weekend...I think it's feasible.

I plan on buying the supplies Friday after work, then hoping to get started Friday night and throughout the entire weekend. Pom poms mania.

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