uncluttered desk space

i was able to reorganize my desk space over the weekend and it feels so good to have finally done that. i totally procrastinated on it. i'm glad i made it a priority. now it's a much better place to work on. i got my new gold tray accessory, i got a few weeks ago, that fits perfectly on top of the desk. now i just need to work on my inspiration board which i haven't touched forever. and i need to put something on that gold picture frame.

on my to do list. get a new chair. this chair is not only very...very uncomfortable, but it's also an eye sore. (that's why i tried not to show too much of it on the photo...too ashamed.) i'm also way over this table. i want a more feminine table. when we have an extra space for my home office/arts & crafts/blogging room then i'll eventually replace this table. (it's not in the budget right now...so this will do 'til then).

i finally did put back my blue chair next to my desk space so i can also do some blogging there since my desk chair isn't comfortable to sit on for hours. and at least i have a great view of our balcony. it's always good to have natural light.

...loving my organize desk space...

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Ginny said...

Yay! I can see the pics. I love it everything about it! Great job =)