Hidden Gems of L.A.

Saw this video here and thought it was pretty interesting. I love architecture.


Jumping for joy...

Today is my "Friday" so I am jumping for joy for my lovely 4-day staycation. Just going to relax and enjoy these days off. A much needed extra days off...Happy "Friday" to me :).



Bar cart...

I'm not much of a drinker, but I just love seeing a bar cart in a space. Great for entertaining. I may need to have one just because, since I do love to have friends over at our small humble abode.




Currently dreaming of lounging outdoors. This space would be just the perfect place to do so. Let's do this...



Happy work week...

Thought this was a perfect photo for a lovely start of the work week. Very casual chic, which would be perfect for my work wear wardrobe. And those spectacles...I want.



Chaise love...

I am in love with the chaise lounge chair layout in this space. Not one, but 2 of them. So perfect. You don't see this too often.




Lazy Sunday...

Today is definitely one lazy Sunday. It's actually a lovely gloomy day today, so it's a perfect day for laziness and just enjoy this last day of the weekend with some reading and lots of resting since I feel like I'm going to catch a cold or something. So I need to fight whatever this is.

Happy {snuggie} Sunday.



Inspired interior...

I saw this image in about 3 blogs and by the time I saw it on the 3rd (or something), I was totally drawn to this image. No wonder why a lot of the bloggers had this. So I had to add it to my folder as well.

One thing that has drawn me into this office space, is that lovely nook they have. I know I don't always like to sit on my desk and do some work. Actually majority of the time I do my work right here on the couch. So this is a great way to have an option and would also be perfect for a guest.

The desk, the chair, built-in book case, etc etc...I can just go on and on about all things I love about this space.


Perfect combo...

A lovely weekend has just passed us by. And now onto the next. This is a perfect combo to start a new week. Fresh bouquet of flowers + coffee. Exactly what I need...please...



Happy weekend...

The weekend is finally here and feels like Summer already even though technically it's still Spring. Not sure if I'm liking this heat, but thankfully it's suppose to cool down and it'll feel more like Spring.

I can't help but think about relaxing by the beach, just reading a good book, enjoying some good company and maybe have some cocktails on hand. Yesterday we finally purchased our plane tickets to Hawaii...going to Oahu to be exact. We'll be going on late September, early October. Looking forward to hanging out and just being a beach bum, that's what a vacation is all about. Forget a jammed packed itinerary, relaxation is the number one priority. Counting the days 'til we get to paradise. Hopefully the besties will be able to meet us there too.



Happy Birthday...

Happy birthday to the forever so gorgeous, the late Audrey Hepburn. Her beauty and grace will forever live.



Too many to choose...

Finally finished reading my chic-lit book. I've been reading it on and off for about 8 months. I know that's too long, but at one point I had no desire or energy to finish reading it. But I am proud to say I finally did it. I was motivated to finish it since I want to read a new book, but I've told myself not to buy any books until the book is finished therefore I won't have so many "unfinished" books. Now it's time to choose which book to read next. There's so many I want to read.

Here's the next book that I will most likely be reading...

The Knitting Circle | Ann Hood

I read an article online that Katherine Heigl is making a tv movie based on this book. So I figured I should read this first. Maybe I can somewhat relate to this book from my recent experience. Can't wait to purchase this book this week.

Safe Haven | Nicholas Sparks

I did buy this new book yesterday. I stopped by the Borders by my work that will be closing and found this book that I've been wanting to read and it was 60% off! (I definitely have to go back again before they completely close.) Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors and I have a few of his books and movies that was based on his novels. So this will be a great new addition to my collection. Can't wait to start reading this as well.



Inspired interior...

Happy Monday blog world...this inspired interior is perfect for a Monday. Nice, clean and organized space with a few pops of color. My fave...pops of red with white and neutral colors throughout. Great clean space to get some work done.