the weekend is here...

vacation-fashion-0409-3-lg-17906413 (marie claire)

yay! i look forward in doing a whole lot of nothing and just enjoying my days off. i'm hoping to catch up on some reading, blogging and some relaxation from a busy work week.

have a good weekend ^_^!

(image courtesy of marie claire)


been busy...

vogue italia

i've been so busy at work lately and by the time i get home, i have no energy to blog. i'm hoping to play "catch up" this weekend since i feel like i haven't spend as much as i'd like here in my blog world.

i'm not complaining though, about the work load at work. i'm super glad that things are picking up once again with projects. i love it when i'm busy, not only because i'm doing what i love, but it also makes the day go by faster.

wish i always look this glamorous when i'm at work, especially on hectic days.

(image courtesy of coco+kelley via flickr.)


a glimpse...office space

life at work

it's always interesting to see where people live/work/etc. i guess that's why some of us are fascinated with reality shows. (only certain ones!)

a few weeks ago i decided to take a few photos of my work space and thought i'd post up a couple of of them.

i work in a small design firm that's an open floor plan layout. we just moved to this space about 6 months ago. when we first moved in, i immediately wanted the space with the view. one thing that's not too good about having the view is getting the afternoon sun which is directly shining at you. by mid afternoon, i put up a foam core board to block the sun until we get something for the windows. but overall i'm glad to have a view.

happy meal toys
a closer look to my collection of happy meal toys ^_^

i'm on vogue!


i think this will be as close as i'll get in getting featured in a magazine...hahaha...i discovered this website a few months back through made by girl and finally decided to check it out and tried it out for fun.

a girl can only dream ^_^...


awww...weekend is over

weekend recap...

saturday - relaxed all day then had a great dinner and night out in the city
sunday - relaxed in the beach
monday - another relaxation in the beach

...loving life...


happy 3day weekend...


yay...the weekend is here and it's a 3day weekend. just what i needed. i've had a long busy week. i just want to relax and enjoy my days off. hoping to have another weekend at the beach...

have a good 3day weekend ^_^...

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beach cruiser...

it's summer time and i am in need of a new beach cruiser. this is the year when i am actually finally going to buy one. i found one last year at walmart and saw it on sale end of last year but procrastinated in getting it. when i checked again a few months ago, they didn't have it at the store or online, but i checked today...and they have it back! so this time i'm going to get it. unfortunately they don't have it at the walmart by our place so i'm going to have to order it online and either have it shipped to a store close by are to our place.

here's the beach cruiser i plan on purchasing this weekend...

yay! i'm so excited...can't wait to buy accessories too...

(image courtesy of 1. johns vintage bikes 2. walmart.)

retro hollywood home


the design team ron woodson and jaime rummerfield has turned this 1970's bungalow in laurel canyon into a hip, retro home. their signature style of rich patters, bold colors and luxe comfort can be seen throughout the space.

check it out...the patters, colors, etc all works well together.









(images courtesy of elle decor.)


welcome to another new week...


i'm still tired from the weekend. although i didn't really do much. but after an all day beach day yesterday from morning to evening...and after a 3hour traffic on the way home...and i was the "DD" (designated driver)...I AM EXHAUSTED !

but well worth it. and i did get sunburned. i totally forgot to apply sunblock...bad me! lesson learned.

so i'm still recovering from the weekend.

image courtesy of ross honeysett.)


hot weekend...

it's going to be a scorcher this weekend, so we plan on relaxing at the beach... yay!

oh i wish the beach was just in my backyard. unfortunately it's about a 30+min drive, on a good day without traffic. and asides from that, we have to drive through the mountains...it's a journey...that's one thing i definitely miss about southern california...the beaches are just right there!

have a good weekend!

(image courtesy of la mag.)


modern architecture home - corona del mar

when i saw these photos, i just had to post it up and share this beautiful home...the type of home i'd want to own one of these days.

this 1950's track home in corona del mar was remodeled into a modern home. the best part is that when they remodeled it, they made sure they used environmentally friendly materials. this exterior shot is amazing. i am a big fan of wood sidings. and check out those entry steps...decomposed granite. what a great alternative material.










(images courtesy of la times.)




this coming thursday i have a meeting with one of our clients for a new project. normally my boss handles the meetings while i'm in the office on the computer. but since he has a meeting at the same time he asked me to go to the meeting for him...i am super nervous. i don't know what to expect. i just need to make sure i get all the information needed...

i got to take deep breathes and try not to think too much of it. he wouldn't have asked me if he didn't feel confident in me...now i just have to find that inter confidence...


**update**...just found out it's going to be a conference call...YAY!...slightly nervous, but not as much...


beautiful spring day...

today was a beautiful spring day here in the bay area. i had a fantastic lunch with my guy at the park. i'm fortunate enough to have a park next to my work. it was too nice outside that i had to take advantage of it.

i'm looking forward to more beautiful days like today ^_^...

(image courtesy of loungebrigade.)

socialite olivia palermo tribeca apartment

olivia palermo-4

i was going through my delicious bookmark and ran into this and thought i'd post it up since it's one of my favorite interiors.

this 1960's inspired one bedroom apartment is true simple elegance.

the walk in closet looks so glamorous especially with that zebra print rug. i'm not normally a fan of animal prints, but for some reason...it works.

olivia palermo-3
the hermes orange tray looks great surrounded with all that neutral colors around it.

olivia palermo-2
the art deco chair just adds even more sophistication to the space. and check out the lovely photo of audrey hepburn on the window sill :).

(image courtesy of nypost.)


pampering time...

i had a very busy week this week and i deserve a treat for myself. so after work, to start of the weekend, i plan on getting an hour massage.

it's going to be a nice beach weather weekend. too bad i don't have time to go to the beach and enjoy this beach weather. too much other things to do. maybe next weekend i can find the time to hit the beach.

have a good, relaxing weekend :).

count down...

so i've purchase my plane tickets to see my lovely friends in SoCal...yay! i can't wait!! (is it july yet?!?)


missing you...


i'm just totally missing my friends. july seems to be a long way from now. wish you were here...wish i was there...

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend." -unknown

(image courtesy of dean isidro.)


< design intermix >

rafael oyster bed + borghese night stand = ultra glamour

i want this when we move to a bigger place.

(furniture by z gallerie)


met gala 2009

here are my favorite looks from the met gala...

metgala justin timberlake + jessica biel
justin timberlake in william rast and jessica biel in versace - they look so fabulous. gorgeous couple!!
oh how i wish i was the one wearing that dress with justin next to me ;).

metgala rachel bilson
rachel bilson in bally

metgala blake lively
blake lively in versace

metgala ivanka trump
ivanka trump in brian reyes

metgala jessica alba
jessica alba in jason wu

(images courtesy of nymag.)

jason wu's new york apartment...

one of the up and coming new designers, jason wu was recently featured in nymag. the first i've heard of him and i'm sure most of us first heard of him was because of his infamous inauguration dress that he design for the first lady, michelle obama. i feel in love with that dress...the color, the construction, details and simplicity of it. it wasn't too overwhelming. it was very nice and elegant.


here's a glimpse of his new york apartment...

what a great view to have.

jason wu in his kitchen.

i want that gray floral wallpaper. it adds character to the room.

the gray monochromatic look works here and by adding a pop of color in the room adds even more personality to the space.

one of my favorite chairs...the red lacquered wood eames chair.

his closet...i see he likes to be comfortable while he's working. it's all about comfort, this way you're more productive throughout the day.

(images courtesy of nymag.)