magazines - toss or keep

i had a very productive weekend and was able to do some tons of reorganizing. i had quite a few stuff to toss, recycle, donate and keep. i was able to recycle tons and tons of my interior design magazines. it was hard for me to let them go but i knew i had to especially since i haven't looked at most of them in more than a year. but i still had about 3 boxes left full of magazines. i can't seem to get rid of all of them. i wonder if i'm the only one that feels that way. especially my old Domino magazines i had to keep all of them especially knowing that Domino isn't here anymore :'(.

(i also finally took a lot of clutter out of our shelves in the living room. but now it's so bare that i need to find a few things to put on there.)



Creategirl said...

just found your blog via Coco+Kelley! Its great! I have to say I completely relate to your magazine problem....I keep them forever but do I really need them? I just saw on twitter someone sold their Domino for $70 a piece..not sure that would even make me part!!

::levina:: said...

i also ran across your blog via coco+kelley :)... yeah i saw that somewhere too how someone was selling their old domino mags on craigslist or something...hmmm...maybe i should do try that. but right now i'm not ready to let go of my domino mags :/