Play + Learn

I've had my camera for almost a year now...okay probably about 10 months now, which is getting close to a year. And about more than 1/2 of that time, I was very uninspired to learn more about my camera. Until recently I've been playing with it more and more. Just trying to figure out and understand the settings, compositions, etc. I'm just glad my camera is being put to good use once again and not just sitting there collecting dust. So I decided for next year, is to also have a DSLR of some sort to add to my collection just to play with photography a little more...just for fun ^_^. So now is my time to play & learn so I can be ready for an even fancier one by next year.



Valentine's party?

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I'm in dire need to throw a Valentine's day themed dinner party. But unfortunately our space is a tad too small, that if I do, it'll have to be more of an Hors d'oeuvre party with great company and some good food.

We haven't had a get together at our place in a while, maybe once I get our carpets cleaned, I just might have to plan an impromptu get together sometime soon. I miss having get togethers at our place.

i've always wanted to fill up an entire room with balloons...



In progress...

I'm in progress on getting back on track here...so just trying to figure things out.

I've just been in an organizing frenzy lately with organizing everything (digital files, desk space, etc.), and in progress of trying to slightly update the look here. And although I haven't been blogging much here, I have been reading my favorite blogs, online magazines, etc and just getting back into being inspired.

Update: I must say that I do like the updated simplicity look now...feels refresh ^_^.



Twenty-Eleven Calendar

Early this week I was finally inspired to work on some calendars for 2011. Every year I always tell myself to make my own, especially seeing all kinds of stuff around the blog world always inspired me. I always thought to myself, "I can do that!" So finally this year I made one...actually 12.

For doing it pretty quick I must admit, I'm proud of myself. The images isn't as crisp and clean as I'd like, but not bad for wanting to get it done in one day since the new year has already arrived.

I sent the files to some of my friends to show them what I've done and so they can print it out and make use of them if they'd like. And one of my dear friends texted me a picture of the calendar at her work station, which made me extremely happy to see.

Thanks to some words of encouragement from my friends, I'll definitely make them every year and share it with them. It'll be a little present from me to them and created with lots of love.

Looking forward to what next years concept idea will be.

I sized them so it can fit a cd jewel case.

Or it can be posted on an inspiration board, fridge, etc.

(Quick photos from my iPhone.)


Happy New Year...

It's the first official week of the new year and I am feeling inspired again and hoping to stay this way. Being surrounded by great friends and family is always the best way to get inspired to strive for the best and to make things happen.

(2010 will forever be in my heart.)