goodbye 2009...hello...

...two thousand ten!...

around this time of year is when we all reflect and look back and think about how the year has treated us and what the highs and lows are...no life is perfect so of course there was some lows that i had in 2009 and of course there was definitely some highs. one thing i love about a new year is i feel like i can have a fresh new start and put it all behind me and look forward to a wonderful new beginning. things all happens for a reason and we can just learn from it. we are a better and stronger person because of what life has brought us our way whether it was good or bad.

one thing i look forward to in 2010 is meeting more people that inspires me and appreciates the same things that i do with this blog world...feel free to stop by anytime and say "hi" and "follow" me here on this journey.

happy new year...new decade...

cheers to a new beginning!


happy new year...

happy new year everyone!...time to celebrate tonight with our loved ones to bring in the new year/ new decade...

i'll share some of my goals for 2010 tomorrow...

have a safe new years celebration.


happy holidays ^_^...

happy holidays everyone!!! hope you have a fabulous holiday celebration.



happy days off...

it's the holidays and we've got a few extra days off to celebrate the holiday festivities.

time to relax...

do some reading...

holiday parties...

and just enjoy our love ones company...

happy merry christmas eve ^_^.



Shigeru Ban: Architecture of Paper

when i saw this article i was very intrigue by it, by the use of these cardboard paper tubes by architect Shigeru Ban.

Ban's weekend residence, the Paper House in Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi, Japan.

The Paper House - first Ban structure.

The Nomadic Museum in New York.

chair with detachable legs made of industrial-strength paper tubes.

"paper is made out of trees," Ban says. "humans create architect are out of trees, so it must be possible to create architecture of paper."



days away...to a fresh new start...

it's almost time for a new year...a new decade...which means, it's that time of year to make some resolutions...goals...etc...

...i'm looking forward to what the future holds and to make things happen...



happy weekend...

one more week until christmas is here. time to do some last minute stuff before the holiday.

have a happy weekend.



Random quote...

“I'm not trying to do something different, I'm trying to do the same thing but in a different way.” ~Vivienne Westwood



home tour - san francisco

alexis & trevor traina's home, in san francisco, was recently featured in vogue magazine.

when i saw their home i just fell in love with it and knew i had had to post it here.

this space is just breathtaking. i can just see myself having a lovely day spent here with friends and family.

the dining room



< design intermix >

parlour chair (cb2) + big dipper arc lamp (cb2) = perfect way to relax and just read a book ^_^.

Lonny Magazine - Issue 2

yay! Lonny Magazine issue #2 is out and looking forward to reading it this week.


happy holidays ^_^...

the holidays is just around the corner...hope you're all ready. we're keeping it simple this year...from holiday decorations, to christmas gift list, etc.

i think i want to recreate this. i just love the simplicity of it, especially since we're not getting a tree this year. if i don't recreate this, this holidays, i'll definitely recreate this for next year. (note to self!)

i was also inspired by this photo to at least use my ornaments.

here's a photo of our bowl of ornaments.

i found the bowl at a thrift store for only $7 and it's a perfect find. i just love how it turned out.


home tour - venice cottage

1906 venice california cottage with a modern interior



happy rainy weekend...

the weekend is here and it's suppose to be raining all weekend...i am loving this rain.

it's been a very busy week to work on my blog, but once the new week starts i am ready to be on my blog mode once again. i've just been trying to figure out how to balance my time working on my blog and making sure i spend my time with my guy too...especially since my guy doesn't get why i blog and why i love reading other blogs.

...busy weekend for me...so much to do and so little time. but for sure i'll be enjoying this rain ^_^.

happy rainy weekend!



happy weekend...

“Faith makes all things possible....love makes all things easy.” ~unknown

have a good weekend ^_^.



bold + glamorous

i am loving the way the bold colors, furnitures, etc that are used throughout this traditional New York apartment.

here are my faves...

i am swooning over that couch...i like!

check out that gallery hallway...so much going on but works so well together.

the glossy cabinetry is to die for.

Louis XV chairs in Lelièvre velvet

black-grouted subway tiles = chic



25 days...

December has officially arrived and we have 25 days 'til Christmas is here. time to start getting ready...