treasure hunt

over the weekend we checked out a thrift store to see if there was anything i can get. i normally like to check out the houseware, furniture and frames area to see if i can find any cool vintage pieces. i usually don't find anything that i like but when i do, i must get them. this time i didn't just find one thing, but found 3 lovely items.

this was my favorite piece and not only was it the best one but it was also the cheapest. it was only 99cents! and it's lovely. the minute i saw it i knew what i'd use it for. i plan on putting my business cards on there instead of the "conventional" business card holders for the desk. it add more of a feminine touch. love...love...love it! (it's not as big as it looks. it's only 5"d & 2.75" ht.)

i am a sucker for containers. although i'm not quite sure what to put in here, but i'm sure i'll figure it out. i'm still debating if i should repaint this or leave it as is. i some what like the way it is but in a way i wonder if it would look even better if i was to spray paint it all black. if i do decide to paint it, i'll post a before and after picture.

this is another item that i'm not too sure what to use it for. i think i want to use it for some of my jewelry pieces that i use often and have it on my dresser or use it for something for my desk....not sure yet. but i do like this find. it was only $2.00! (8"x4.5"x2.5")

i decided i'll be going on a treasure hunt at least once a month and i'll share my finds :). (i think i'm going through my gold phase at the moment as you can tell.)


sag harbor, ny

a 61 by 230 foot space facing the water in sag harbor new york is home to eric rasmussen.

Skatelite is a pressed paper & resin used for the floors and counters (which are normally used for skateboard parks).

on the second floor is a bridge that leads to the master bedroom. i like the idea of the rolling cedar door that blends in w/ the surrounding walls ceiling.

great color used for the exterior. it compliments the greenery around the house.


got sketch? - twilight (spoiler alert)

as i was browsing In Style i ran into these sketches. every time i see sketches it always catches my attention. when i read the headline of the article the first thing i saw was "TWILIGHT" and that too caught my eye and as i started to ready it had a some what disclaimer "Spoiler Alert". so i stopped reading the article and just looked at the sketches. but i did read the fact that it's bella's wedding dress for Eclipse. i myself haven't read they Twilight series book but have seen the movie and loved it. it's in my "to do" list to read the Twilight series books (waiting on a friend to let me borrow hers).

apparently In Style asked some designers to see what they've envisioned bella to wear for her wedding dress.

monique lhuillier - mermaid style dress w/ lace detailing. love the elegance of the high neck lace w/ cap sleeves.

erin fetherston- high neck w/ puff sleeves & lace bustier.

brian reyes - silhouette is a long skirt with a ruffled blouse and a lace diamond insert.

max azria - victorian inspired gown w/ laced peaked shoulders, full sleeves and a high neck.

prabal gurung - dramatic train, low-cut back and features a unique neckline w/ red embellishments for a touch color.

lela rose - simple body gathers at back into a lace bustle.

christian siriano - three tiered dress w/ a lace bustier & a high ruffled neckline w/ off the shoulders sleeves & a full body. i want to see this dress made. looks fantastic.

badgley mischka - strong silhouette w/ full length lace sleeves & bodice and a high-buttoned neck.

zac posen - pink gown that features a corset, bustle, full skirt, high neck and dramatic sleeves. love the touch of boots w/ the dress.


i'm here...

victory ford / lindsay price

and i'm going to be dedicated to work on this blog. i'm back on track now. i was on vacation a couple of weeks ago. and a week before my vacation, i was super busy trying to get everything done before going on vacation, and when we got back from vacation i had to play catch up. but now, i am all caught up and ready to rededicate myself here.

not only am i caught up now and ready to start blogging, i am inspired ever since attending the bog out loud event last sunday. they mentioned to be consistent so that the readers will keep coming. so here i am ^_^...i'm still trying to come up w/ a game plan. one of the things that was mentioned was having maybe a set day for a specific topic, etc. i'm currently trying to figure out what i want. but definitely something is in the works...

so many ideas but so little time. to others it seems like blogging doesn't take time but it take a lot of time. just trying to find inspirations, etc to share here, topics to discuss, etc. i noticed through out the day i always try to think of what to "post". i'm consistently trying to find new things to put on here. but it's fun. i may spend my time longer than i should but it's all fun.



blog out loud event - san francisco

the blog out loud event in san francisco over the weekend was fantastic. i am so glad that they were here locally and i was able to attend it. it was truly inspiring to hear what the lovely guest speakers had to say. and of course i was extremely excited to get to meet my favorite blogger cassandra of coco+kelley. i am a big fan. she's as nice and lovely in person as she is from her blog.

the event was taken place at BellJar. a nice boutique shop in the city. i'm going to have to plan another trip over there and buy a few things.

(i want this. i don't know what it's called but i do know what i'd do w/ it...i'd have it for my desk to put my business cards...now i'm on a hunt to find this. too bad this wasn't for sale.)

this event was a great learning experience. i've learned how to make this blog better. now i'm inspired and determined more than ever :)!

(image of blog out loud panelist from belljar sf.)

(for more photos at the event here.)




i am inspired more than ever for this blog! i attended the blog out loud event and it was truly inspiring. i'll share a few photos, how the event went, etc tomorrow.

(looking forward to applying the things i've learned from the event...starting tomorrow ^_^.)



happy inspiring weekend ^_^

San Francisco architecture, sigh

yay it's friday...couple more days til the blog out loud event. i haven't been in the city for a while now and looking forward to spending my day there. can't wait to get inspired on sunday!!!

it's been busy for last few weeks but hoping to get back on track here on my blog. tons of ideas/inspirations/etc to put on here...keep on the look out. i'll be back on track this weekend :).

...have a good inspiring weekend...



blog out loud event - san francisco

i am so excited to check out this event this coming weekend. a few months ago they had this event down in SoCal and was so bummed out that it was too far for me to attend. now that this is going to be here locally, i am uber excited to check this event out.

looking forward to learning new things and hoping to meet new people as well ^_^. (can't wait to share my experience.)

(i was finally able to check out the website and realized that one of my favorite bloggers is part of the panel this coming weekend. so looking forward to meeting cassandra from coco+kelley. she was one of the bloggers that has inspired me to start my own blog and i am always inspired whenever i read her blog.)

for more information, check it out HERE.


beach + city = vacation bliss


we're going on a 5days/4nights vacation up to the pacific northwest...9 of us = FUN...

a friend of ours has a beach house in ocean shores so we'll be staying there for a few days. i'm not sure if we'll actually get to enjoy some sun...but i don't mind. a vacation is a vacation. just as long as i get to relax and enjoy myself, that's what matters. from the looks of it, it'll be cloudy and as expected, might have some showers.

we'll also get to spend our last 2 days in the city of seattle...excited about that. i haven't been there in years.

...looking forward to some much needed R&R and hoping to find some inspirations over there...i've got my camera ready and i'm ready to get inspired and relax ^_^...

(source + source)

vacation time...pacific northwest




off to the airport bright and early tomorrow for our vacation to ocean shores + seattle...

hope i've brought everything i needed. i feel like i might have brought more than i should have...but i'd rather be "safe" than "sorry"...asides from feeling like i brought too much, i'm feeling like i've forgotten something already...

(very disappointed to have to pay for a check-in luggage.)




to commemorate our trip in a few days to the lovely pacific northwest i decided to add a few photos that featured a lovely umbrella...

Lindsay Price...i wish i can look this fabulous when it's raining...perfect hair, make up, lovely dress, etc...can you even use that umbrella (and outfit) in the rain? but it is a lovely accessory to have ^_^...

zooey deschanel...looking flawless...

audrey hepburn=glamorous



happy busy work weekend...

work with a view

it's going to be a busy...busy weekend. i have lots of work to do before our vacation to the pacific northwest this wednesday, therefore i have to take some work home and work all weekend. and asides from doing that i need to start preparing for our trip.

wish i had this kind of view while i worked.

...have a beautiful weekend... enjoy it for me -_-



table setting - glamour

when i was catching up on my blog reading on coco+kelley and saw this post i just had to include it on my blog. i was swooning over this especially finding out that this was for a baby shower (not the typical baby shower decor at all). most baby showers i've been to was always either blue/pink and w/ baby themed stuff. i like the idea to decorate the party to the mother-to-be's style with a hint of baby stuff. love the hint of baby theme on the menu w/ the rocking horse. and the fact that it was red, not the typical pastel colors, made me totally love this table setting even more.

...for future reference...emphasis "future", not anytime soon...i repeat...NOT anytime soon...dear friends, this is type of style for me please ^_^...xoxo...



vogue australia 50th anniversary cover

vogue australia is currently taking some votes for favorite cover for their 50th anniversary cover with cate blanchet.

my vote is the 2nd one (which is currently taking the lead.) i like how you can see her outfit more, which i think is going to be one of those classic covers that'll turn into a poster years from now. i love the yellow + black color that's being used as well.


got sketch?

i'm always inspired whenever i see other peoples sketches. for some reason it's just so fascinating to see especially when they're the quick sketches (not perfect)...just to put their thoughts, ideas, etc down on paper. doodles too...i love seeing peoples doodles. just very interesting to see.

i think i'm going to start adding some sketches i may find here...just to get inspired ^_^...

here's a few sketches i ran into from design sponge. alex eben meyer was a guest sketch blogger at design sponge.

my favorite sketch is the bakery...i can just imagine the artist enjoying his cup of cappuccino and muffin while sketching. (i love it when i see artist at coffee shops, etc and just sketching. i always try to take a look at their work while their sketching...hehehe). he's a pretty talented artist. check out more of his work HERE.

...i myself need to work on my sketching skills again since it's been a while that i've done any sketches...maybe i'll include some of my sketches one of these days..."maybe" -_- ...but for now, i'll add other artists sketches...