happy weekend...

it's finally the weekend...and my hectic busy week has finally calmed down so it's now time to catch up on my blog...

it'll be another semi busy weekend...

saturday - wedding shower
sunday - day at the beach to unwind from a very busy last 2 weeks. it'll be a scorcher this weekend therefore it'll be a perfect day to be at the beach. it's time to finish my book.

have a good weekend...

(image courtesy of michelle holden.)


happy monday...


it's going to be another busy week for me. hopefully i'll have more time to blog...will have to take some work home too again this week...like today...

happy monday...

(image courtesy of harpers bazaar)


happy work weekend...


weekend is here, but will be working all weekend. i need to make sure i meet some deadlines this coming week therefore i have to work this weekend. but thankfully i'm able to work at home. so i'll try and still make the most out of my weekend.

weekend plans...
work on project for my job

play w/ iMovie program to start slideshow project for a friends wedding that i'm in charge of

and if i have time...
finish reading my sisters keeper (movie comes out this coming friday so i want to finish it by then for sure)

clean (if not, will have to postpone another week to clean the apartment. i am about 2 weeks behind cleaning the apartment).

happy work weekend...

(image courtesy of michael holden via 2c.)


room of the week 06.15.09

room of the week 06.15.09

what a great space to spend a hot summer night here.

happy monday...

Nina Leen for LIFE

i had a great weekend, and now planning on having a great week...have a fabulous monday and a great week!

(images courtesy of myvintagevogue via flickr. she has great beautiful images.)


happy "love" weekend...

2wduef6 (le love)

2s0y2c9 (le love)

so this weekend, i plan on spending some quality time w/ my other half (J). no particular plans, but will definitely plan on enjoying each others company since he's off the entire weekend (and to make up for some lost time last weekend.)

have a happy "love weekend" ^_^

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zooey deschanel

zooey deschanel ad

zooey deschanel is one of my favorite actresses. i just love her unique sense of style and she's a great singer to top it all off!

i just love her new cotton ad commercial...so refreshing...

(image courtesy of buzz sugar.)


< design intermix >

console table + mirror

ajara foyer table (cost plus) + harlow mirror (decorati)

sometimes mixing things up works well, like this traditional wood entry table with a more modern mirror. it can add more interest in a space.


< design intermix >

desk + chair

nelson swag leg desk + eames aluminum management chair

(furniture by DWR.)

this nelson swag leg table is one of my favorite furniture pieces. i love the simplicity of it and the way the legs seems to flow so well. and what makes it even more of a special piece is the touch of colors that's added on the hutch of the desk.

the eames aluminum management chair, i'd select the white one, but they didn't have a photo of it. it's a great looking "office" chair. it's not the "typical" office chairs you'd normally see. (although i've been seeing them slightly more than usual).


happy weekend???


just been a sad week...hopefully it'll get better (*sigh*)...

“The greater your capacity to love, the greater your capacity to feel the pain.” ~jennifer anniston

(image courtesy of dean isidro.)


max azria's home in los angeles

BCBG is one of my favorite brands. they just have the cutest clothes. when i saw that max azria's (designer behind the label BCBC, Max Azria and Herve Ledger) i was excited to read the article in harpers bazaar and just had to post their home that was featured in the magazine.

a photo of him and his wife with the 6 children. check out that ceiling. that's just extravagant and fabulous!

max's office at their home. is that a fruit sculpture of some sort? the white thing on the right next to the couch? interesting.

built in banquette.


pair of bergeres. when ever i see these chairs it reminds me of kelly wearstler.




a chandelier cascading into the wood table.



dinning room that's illuminated by a Tord Boontje for Swarovski Crystal Palace chandelier. i want that chandelier!


(images courtesy of harpers bazaar.)

hollywood glamour in missouri


this home was featured in metropolitan home as one of the finalist winners. Anu Suebsawangkul was placed in 4th place for the swankiest place small space.

the 408 sq. ft. studio apartment in Clayton, Missouri has a lot of style for such a small space. i love the monochromatic color that's used throughout the space. by having white as the primary color in the space, makes this studio feel bigger than it really is. not only did she design the space well, but she was also a smart shopper by not breaking the bank. and she's pretty crafty herself since some of the stuff was a DIY project.

this a great hollywood regency style that's chic, elegant and glamorous.



love the wallpaper in the bathroom. i want that!!



that's a great canopy for the bed. and she did that herself!

a few pops of red adds some more drama to the space.

this just adds a lot more glamour to the room.

(image courtesy of metropolitan home.)


photo dailies - day 2


i've started my photo dailies blog where i take a photo-a-day. a little project, i decided to do for fun. check out photo dailies HERE.

unfortunately, i don't have a fancy dslr camera. i just have a regular canon powershot camera. i'm not a "photographer" or anything, but i try my best ^_^.

(image courtesy of twatson via flickr.)