Happy New Year...

I don't know 'bout you but this just makes my heart smile...Zooey + JGL.

Been MIA here for quite some time with my temporary busy schedule during the holiday season and with me being sick pretty often lately (almost every week.) So cheers to a successful and productive twenty twelve!


Makes me happy...

Being married makes me happy. And having this gorgeous engagement ring and wedding ring my husband both picked out is just simply priceless. 


Inspired interior...

With the cold weather here in the bay area, I can't help but think about large windows. The pops of blue (and yellow) makes it even better.



Hello {new} work week...

Oh, the lovely long holiday weekend has come to an end. Time for a new work week and time for a temporary busy schedule. Hope I'm ready for this...



Cozy {holiday} weekend...

Happy cozy {holiday} weekend. All I want to to do is curl up in a cozy nook like this with a fabulous chair and a comfy blanket and a great book.

Hoping for a much more productive postings next week. *cossing fingers I get better soon.



Happy Thanksgiving...

Been feeling a bit a little under the weather for the last week or so. But still had to carry on for the Thanksgiving festivities. We decided to celebrate our first Thanksgiving as husband as wife...just us two at our small humble abode.

Thankful we have each and other and the great people in our lives.




With Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, I can't help but think about some tablescapes and how I wish our small humble abode had room for a dining table. So for now, I shall think about it virtually.

Love this small simple tablescape with the chicness of black & white stripes and the gold silverware for some glam.



The right balance ...

Married life has gotten me very busy. Still trying to find the right balance of spending most of my time with my husband. So I'm still trying to figure out how to balance it all with the regular work grind + wife duties + time for blogging, etc.

So here I am just trying to manage my time wisely and efficiently.



Back from vacation...

Got back from vacation a couple of weeks ago, but still trying to get back on the grind.

Had an awesome vacation with some of our bestest friends. It wasn't just your average vacation as I thought it was going to be. I got engaged, then married 2 days after. All a surprise. Wonderful surprise I must say. It was all planned out by my husband and our great friends. (And I had no idea!) And my besties did an awesome job picking out a lovely dress, etc. Literally all I had to do was show up. It was amazing, not only to have married my best friend and the love of my life, but to have celebrated it with some of the most important people in our lives.

Mr. & Mrs.

Hoping by next week I'll be back here on the blog world in a regular basis. Til then??...



Today is the one year anniversary of when we lost our baby girl, Avery Hope. She was here with us for such a short time. I'm just lost in words.

Love her and miss her so much. My heart still aches and will forever be broken into pieces.

(Back from vacation next week.)




Happy Birthday to our angel up above, Avery Hope. She would have been 1yrs old today. Words cannot describe how much I miss her. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. We're celebrating her birthday with some good friends/family in Paradise, (as she rests in Paradise).

"Love you always Avery" ~Mom



Vacation status...

We are officially on a vacation status. Time to finally relax and and enjoy some quiet time on the beaches of Hawaii...Aloha ^_^.

(Be back in about 2 weeks.)



Hello {packing} day...

Today we finish up packing for our vacation. Hope it goes smoothly as planned. Packing can somehow be stressful at times.

But first, gotta get thru this day in the office. Just hoping this day will be an eazy-breezy day.




Normally I'm happy to have the weekend arrive. But in reality, I'm not ready for this week to end just yet. I have so much things to do before I go on vacation next week. Lots of errands to run, cleaning, tie up loose ends at work, etc.  etc. But at the end of the day, I guess I should sit back and relax.

And must start packing over the weekend. Time to get the major stuff out of the way so I have time to do my last minute stuff, if needed.



Vatican Museum

I just love seeing photos of the Vatican Museum stairs. It's definitely on my 'must see' list. There's just something about spiral stairs  that's just so whimsical and beautiful.



Makes me happy...

My work makes me happy and I feel very fortunate to be doing what I do.



Busy day...busy week...

Why does work always get crazy one week before you leave for vacation?!...is it like Murphy's Law of some sort?!

Definitely will need a vacation after this week.



Balance ...

Hello Monday...time to get on that bike and find that balance for this new work week. Now if only I looked this chic and had this bag.

This quote is perfectly said...time to keep it moving...




The weekend is finally here. Oh how I need this so much. Time to reenergize and get organized.



Dream Hotel - PH-D

Loving this new indoor/outdoor lounge, PH-D  at the Dream Hotel in New York City Manhattan Chelsea District.

The finishes through out this space is so well done. Loving the wood tones throughout.

Not only is this outdoor space beautiful, but the view is so breath taking.



Makes me happy...

Getting some beauty sleep makes me extremely happy. My favorite part of the day.



Inspired interior...

Lots going on here, but yet looks so organized and well put together just as it should be.



Hello new day + new week...

Oh Monday...we meet again. Time to make things happen.

And this quote is a perfect reminder to do so.



9.11 10 Year Anniversary

It's the 10 year anniversary since the 9.11 attack. We'll never forget ... where we were at the time and the heartache we all felt and still feel.



Hello weekend...

It's one of my dearest friends birthday this weekend...and can't be with her, so sending my love through all my social media outlets.

Have a great birthday Ginny! Thank you for being such a great friend. See you in a few weeks.




Makes me happy...

Spending time with my girlfriends always makes the day better. I am very fortunate enough that I have a good set of girlfriends in my life.

No matter what we're doing, we always manage to have a great time and enjoy each others companies.

And they are definitely indeed my family.



Back to the grind...

This outfit would be just perfect to have to start off this 4-day work week. (And I am loving the messy hair look.) Short week = busy week. I am ready! 



Hello 4-day weekend...

Time to get all dolled up for a wedding today. Then a family filled weekend.

Yay for 4-day weekends. Fun + Relaxation is the agenda for the weekend with my camera in tow.

source source


Architecture & the City

Architecture & the City has officially started for the month long event. I was hoping to attend the opening party in the City, but was too busy at work and couldn't make it. Hopefully I'll get to attend the closing party and other events through out the month.

For more in about this check it out here. I'm sure it'll be interesting and inspiring.



Manic Monday...

I'm predicting another busy work week. I think this photo says it all.



Happy Friday...

...and hello weekend. If only I had this outfit for the weekend. Indy races in Sonoma on Saturday and hoping to do a little wine tasting since we're in that area. And a day spent relaxing on Sunday. Just how a weekend should be.



Makes me happy...

Receiving letters in the mail always makes my heart smile. Now a days, we're so use to email, text messages, etc and don't send out letters/cards through the mail anymore. Everything is all done electronically, so every time I do receive an actual letter/card in the mail, it just makes me extremely happy. Just knowing that they took that extra time to write and send it just means so much more.



Inspired interior...

Deskspace with a bit of pop of sunshine.

One of my tasks this week...clean up my desk space at home. It is a hot mess with stacks of papers ready to get filed, tossed and/or organized.


Hello Monday...

Yet another busy week at the office. Now I wish I had this cute blush tone outfit to start my day. Suppose to warm up over here in the Bay Area.

I had a great relaxing and productive weekend. Now I'm ready to tackle this busy week.

Thought this quote was an appropriate quote to start off this work week.

Let's get back on that grind!



Great weekend...

It's been a pretty productive weekend. I did some major cleaning at our small humble abode... got some reading done ... and managed to have a day spent with my guy relaxing by the beach.



Burj Khalifa in Dubayy, United Arab Emirates

Burj Khalifa in Dubayy, United Arab Emirates

They always have some interesting architecture in this country and this one is one of the latest ones.



Makes me happy...

Being in the water just makes me extremely happy. I can be in there all day if I can.



Inspired interior...

Small living room space, but the height definitely makes up for it. Love everything about this living space. I can definitely see this as my own.