happy "celebration" weekend...

it's my friends birthday celebration this weekend...love surprises ^_^.

have a happy celebration weekend!



day 4...

it's been only 4 days since my guy had to go out of town...well actually out of the country to be with his family. i'm just missing him so much. i'm missing him more since he doesn't necessarily have phone access and i don't want to bother him with his time spent with his family. i did get to slightly "talk" to him online the other day but it was very brief. i miss hearing his voice. hope it gets easier as the days passes...


room of the week...

happy monday!

thought this was a great room inspiration to start of the week. have a great, inspiring, productive week ^_^.



happy weekend...

it's the weekend and i know i should be happy but i'm feeling a little blue. my guy had to go on a trip for a family emergency. it's the first time we're away from each other for more than 3 days and it's our 6 year anniversary next week (celebration will have to be on hold until he gets back). he'll be back in about 2 weeks...our home isn't the same without him. it just doesn't feel the same...i miss him already -_-...

(image source unknown.)


Valentine's Day...

the movie...i am uber excited for this all star cast movie. and they're all the gorgeous people in hollywood, in ONE MOVIE...can't wait to see it...


Leigh & Luca scarf

i discovered Leigh & Luca sometime last year and i fell in love with their scarves and their wonderful website. i just loved their approach to a scarf and love the cute drawings...they're just too adorable.

a scarf isn't just to keep you warm for the winter season anymore. it can pretty much be used year round...

here are different ways you can wear a scarf...

here are a few of my faves...


Flowers & Trees Bayblue


Splattered Flowers



glimpse inside - manhattan apartment

designer Brad Ford, designs a space that's inspired by the outdoors in his friend's Manhattan apartment. i love how each space has an element of the outdoors, whether it's a furniture piece, plant, etc. it adds more life in the space.



hello weekend...

the weekend is FINALLY here!...hello weekend! i welcome you with open arms.

it's been such a busy week and glad to finally have time to relax and tackle some of my "to do" list...

have a good weekend. (will be back to more blog posts next week ^_^.)



busy week...

it's a busy week for me this week...so much to do and so little time...hope i can squeeze in some time for some blogging and some blog reading...*sigh*




we had a fabulous time at our friends masquerade wedding anniversary party. here's a photo of the mask i've put together.

had a nice black mask which i overlayed it with purple lace (to match my outfit and to add a little color). i used fabric glue to glue the lace on the mask. and added a couple of peacock feathers with a purple gem stone, which i used a glue gun to put together.

my outfit for the party...i liked how my mask turned out. simple...but not too simple ^_^.


happy party/rest weekend...

i'm almost feeling better from a cold. i'm about 80% better. it's going to be a busy weekend. we have an anniversary reception masquerade party to attend to on saturday. and still have some rest to do so i can feel 100% better. (already exhausted thinking about the weekend. *sigh*)

have a happy (restful) weekend?



*sick* -_-

not feeling too good...need to rest for the next couple of days...

a good place to get cozy and rest...

source source


< design intermix >

acacia mini bar (cb2) + tierra tray white (zgallerie) = cocktail parties!!!

i am loving this serving tray...so glam...we need a bigger place so i can put together our mini bar area and have some cocktail parties...one day ^_^.


room of the week 01.04.10

room of the week: home office

to start off the official day back to the regular work grind i thought it would be appropriate to start off the week with this home office. i just love the big inspiration board in this room. a perfect way to start off the new year by having all ideas, goals, inspirations to be placed.



goals for 2010...

it's a new year...new decade...and it's all about new beginnings...i thought i'd share some of my goals for two thousand ten...(not in a particular order)...here are three of them. (i have a huge list since there's always room for improvement and growth in our lives)...

{KNOWLEDGE} - i want to expand my knowledge even more than usual. learning is a never ending process. you're never too young or too old to learn new things.

{SKETCHING} - -i would like to sharpen my sketching skills. i haven't done much of any sketching since i graduated a couple of years ago and would like to get back into sketching.

{BLOG...BLOGGING} - the blog world has been such a fun, creative, therapeutic outlet for me...i love to be inspired...to get inspired...and to inspire...i want to do a lot more of it this year and hoping to meet more people that inspires me and appreciates the same things as i do...so i hope you'll "follow" me and we can get inspired together.

“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” ~Oprah

i have a feeling 2010 will be a good year...it's time to make things happened and strive for the best and be a better person inside and out.

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