happy {snowy} weekend...

my guy and i (with some great friends) is out here in Lake Tahoe...

...time to relax...

...enjoy the snow and great company of friends...



road trip...

after work it's time for our mini vacay...time for a road trip with my guy to Lake Tahoe. we'll be meeting our friends in a cabin. it's going to be a beautiful and fun mini vacay up in Lake Tahoe...suppose to be snowing...



packing day...

it's packing day...time to prepare for our mini vacay to Lake Tahoe...super excited.



glimpse inside - Evo

Evo is the only LEED silver residential high-rise building in Los Angles which was recently featured in Interior Design Magazine. When I saw this article I just fell in love with the views of the skyline of Los Angeles.

Here are some of my favorite photos that was featured...

i just love what they've done to the 20th floor showhouse...i'd be a buyer if i had the means for it.



happy monday....

happy monday!!!

one thing i've been struggling on doing is trying to balance my time from my personal life and my blogging time. i think my guy is feeling a little neglected since after work i tend to spend time on my computer catching up on my blog readings...blog posts...etc...i'm on the computer at work and at home...i can't seem to stay away from my computer. so right now i'm still trying to figure out that balance. i wonder how other bloggers do it...having a regular 8hr job ...blogging...spending time with their loved ones...getting enough sleep...etc...what's the secret?! i would love to know how to balance it all...



hello weekend...

hello weekend...i welcome you with open arms...what a week it has been! hopefully i get to start some spring cleaning over the weekend...do some reading...catch up on some blog reading...and hopefully try and get some blog posts done...maybe i'll get to squeeze in some time for a massage...a much needed and well deserve treat for myself...



my perfect evening...

would be...

spent with my guy...

just hanging out and have a movie night at the comfort of our own home...wish i had a theater room like this...so cozy...



glimpse inside - executive producer Ellen Rakieten

television producer of Oprah, Ellen Rakieten's Chicago home was recently designed by Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle. i just loved the sophisticated look they've done in each room...super glam chic.



happy {day off} monday

it's a 3 day holiday weekend which means, a little more time to relax, lounge around and tackle some of the to do list...



happy {love} weekend...

it's valentines day weekend...holiday weekend...busy weekend...

although i feel like valentine's day is a little over rated...i do love how love is in the air... everywhere...

busy...busy weekend...reading...tons of reading to do...

have a happy {love} weekend...



lonny mag issue 3

i am so...so excited that the new issue of lonny magazine is out. so far i am loving the cover. i was slightly disappointed on the 2nd issue, but just by the cover, it looks like this is going to be a good one. unfortunately i can't go through it until the weekend and post about it until next week. when i read a magazine, i like to read it from cover to cover and take all the information in, but since it's a busy week, i'll have to wait til the weekend. i am so anxious to read this issue.


ugly betty + blog

over the weekend i was catching up on one of my favorite shows, Ugly Betty and recently on her last 3 episodes she started her own blog. i was so...so excited to watch the episodes seeing her start her blog and seeing the excitement she felt when she received her first comment and first followers, etc...i felt the exact same excitement.

unfortunately it's suppose to be the last season of Ugly Betty...

happy monday...

happy monday!...it's going to be a busy week, and it's going to be busier than usual since it's going to be Valentine's Day this coming weekend so time to make some preparations, etc...lots of reading to do this week as well...i am so motivated than ever.

i just love mondays...fresh new start...



hello weekend!

hello weekend!...time to relax and do some much needed reading.

(image source unknown)


happy wednesday...

yay! wednesday is here and it means my guy is coming home tonight, after being away for 2 weeks. i am counting down the minutes...the seconds...i'm so excited i can just start dancing for joy ^_^.



movie apartments

one thing i love about watching movies is checking out the set design...here are some apartments that was featured in elle decor.

Sex and the City - one of my favorite movies and tv series. when carrie opened that door, i was in love with that apartment especially with the new closet.

Devil Wears Prada


Down with Love


American Psycho

Big - the first movie i can remember that made me fall in love with lofts. ever since i saw this movie, i've always wanted to live in a loft.

I am Legend

What Women Want

Melinda and Melinda

Match Point