happy weekend...


the weekend is here and it's time to relax. it was a busy hectic week at work so i look forward to enjoying my days off.

but it'll be a semi busy weekend for me. saturday is cleaning day and sunday going to a babyshower for a dear friend.

i just hope i'll get some time to do a whole lot of nothing ^_^.

(image courtesy of real simple magazine)


lake house

this lake side house outside mexico city was designed by architect Bernardo Gomez-Pimienta. i would love to spend my weekends or even everyday here. the house is designed with an "upside-down plan" where the living space is upstairs and bedrooms are downstairs.

(images courtesy of dwell.)


pelican hill resort

pelican hill

my inspiration to work hard in the next couple of months...

i'm looking forward to spending some time with the most important people in my life...time to celebrate a dear friends big birthday bash in style at the pelican hill resort in newport beach. we've saved the best for last ^_^....

can't wait to check out the decor of this place. by the looks of it, it looks FANTABULOUS!!! the view seems breathtaking. and time with the girls is always PRICELESS!!!

(image courtesy of pelican hill.)


pool side fun


summer time and it's all about trying to keep ourselves cool. i'd love to spend my summer poolside over here at the W Hotel Los Angeles in Westwood. Thom Felicia designed this space.

my two favorite color combos...blue+brown and love the touch of green. works well together.

(image courtesy of elle decor.)

DIY - money lei

it's wedding season and i finally made a lei for the season, for the wedding money dance. i was super excited to make it even though i procrastinated (for good reasons) so i ended up making this lei the night before the wedding. i went to Michael's right after work to get a few supplies. some of the supplies i bought i thought i might need, which i i didn't end up using, like the extra wire and some tape, which i already had plenty at home. i'd rather buy too much and return what's not used than start on a project and can't finish because you're missing one critical material/supply. JMS picked out the flowers to be used while i picked out the ribbon. i like to use their wedding colors for the ribbons, etc this way it'll match them.

one of my favorite tool that i used to make this lei was the bone folder. super handy. and one very crucial element to make the lei a success is to use brand, new crisp dollar bills. i ended up using about $10/lei...not bad. i made 2 lei's one for the bride and one for the groom.

(most) masterials used

fold money like a fan and tape together

add flower

add ribbons and put together. (not my favorite part of the process)

unfortunately after all the hard work we ended up not using the lei because they didn't have the money dance. they decided not to have it last minute. i was so excited to show off my arts & crafts skills too. i did tell my friend what i've done so i'll still give it to her so she can at least see my labor of love and she can keep it as a little present.

we have another wedding to attend this coming august so i'll be making another one. so excited to make it and will post up pictures of it. (i should do this as little side business for weddings, graduations, etc...hehehe). this is very time consuming to make especially since i'm some what a perfectionist so i take my time making these.

it's a true labor of love.

(i'll have better detailed photo of the process next time since this was done last minute.)


i'm back...


so i've been MIA here for a few weeks now. ever since i hurt my knee i felt like i've lost my motivation, inspiration, energy, etc. now i feel like i'm back to my normal self and have my inspiration, motivation, etc back in me. i was in a rut for a while but i'm glad to finally snap out of it.

so definitely this weekend is catch up time. i am so behind in my photo dailies but will definitely be all caught up by the end of the weekend. i have some posts to catch up on and some blog reading as well. i feel so behind in everything.

...but, it's so good to be back ^_^...

(image courtesy of Liz Ham via 2c.)


< design intermix >

chesapeake adirondack chair & ottoman (pottery barn) + flower garden stool (pier 1 imports)

outdoor furniture can look fabulous as your indoor furniture with all the different options that retailers now has to offer. this traditional arm chair & ottoman looks great paired w/ this stool. it balances it out by giving it a softer look w/ the light blue and flowers. having a stool as a side table is great to have because it can also be used as extra seating.


happy 4th of july weekend...

it's a 3 day weekend...yay...

i finally get a chance to clean on my day off (friday). i'm totally behind schedule for my monthly cleaning of our place. i better do it now or else it'll be another 2 weeks behind since i won't be able to do it next weekend.

saturday - will be enjoying some bbq at crissy field then at night check out some fireworks from a roof top in san francisco.

sunday - hoping to do some arts and craft of some sort and hoping to start the slideshow project (which i am so behind schedule).

...i need to catch on my photo dailies, blog readings...etc... this weekend. been unmotivated to do anything this week because of my knee :(...

have a great holiday weekend ^_^.

(getty image via google)


confessions of a shopaholic - fashion

i finally got to see this movie over the weekend and it was a cute movie. (i've actually read the book a few years ago.) as i was watching the movie i noticed that Isla Fisher is wearing the same Hermes watch that i like from he's just not that into you.

Hermes Cape Cod watch $1850.

(image courtesy of instyle.)

he's just not that into you - fashion

one of my favorite movies...he's just not that into you...i can just watch this movie over and over without getting sick of it. i think at one point in our lives we can at least relate to one of the characters...

ever since i saw this movie a few months back, i've been trying to figure out a few jewelry pieces that the characters are wearing and i found it! (thanks to instyle.)

the watch - hermes watch $1,775 (hermes)
the minute i saw the watch i totally fell in love with it especially since it's my favorite color (red). but unfortunately, $1,775 is totally out of my price range. so i need to find something that's similar to it and closer to my budget...now that'll be a challenge...i'm on the hunt for a knock off of some sort...

the wishbone necklace - jennifer meyer necklace $700 (roseark.com)
i love the simplicity of this necklace. i so want this. but $700 is out of my price range as well...so now i need to find something that'll work w/ my wallet...

i so want these! *sigh*

(images courtesy of instyle.)

gossip girl set

one of my favorite shows that i'm currently hooked on. not only because of the drama, but it's inspiring to see the fashion and the interiors of the show.

the living room is so amazing. i love the wall art that they have. for some reason i particularly like the prada wall art, it actually doesn't look tacky. it works well in the space.

i want serena's bedroom. it is ultra glamour!

i love that chandelier in the dinning room.

the home office has one of my favorite chairs...the lovely eames chair. i prefer to have the black leather than that patterned fabric. that louis style desk looks like a classic piece that will always look great throughout the years.

(images courtesy of instyle.)