happy weekend...

marilyn monroe

the weekend is here and it's time to catch up on some reading. i have to be honest and say i haven't really started reading my book. i just got through about 3 pages ONLY! -_- ... but will start on it for sure this weekend. asides from that, i will be backing up some photos as well. it's that time again for backing up my stuff. it'll be time consuming since i haven't done it for a while so i better catch up on that this weekend.

it'll be a relaxing weekend...just what i need ^_^.

have a good "catch up" & relaxing weekend.



Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

I need to do the same thing! I love my book, "My Life in France" by Julia Childs, but never find time to sit down with it! What are you reading?

Beautiful image, by the way. Hope your weekend was great *


::levina:: said...

crystal-that's one of the books that i've been wanting to read too. there's so many books that i want to read but so little time :/...i'm currently reading the time traveler's wife. i'm hoping to at least finish it by the time the dvd comes out.