taking a break...

taking a break from the blog world to refocus...will be back in 2 weeks.



i'm back...

i was unexpectedly out of the blog world all last week since i wasn't feeling too good and just tried to rest as much as possible. but now i'm feeling much better and ready to get back on the blog world. i feel so behind and feel like it's going to take me a few days to finally catch up and be on track, but i'm glad to just be back and get inspired...be inspired...and to inspire ^_^.

have a great monday and a great week to all ^_^.



happy {arts & crafts} weekend...

hello weekend!

it's going to be an arts and crafts weekend. since i only have a day to work on this, it won't be my best, but i'll still put some love and effort to it. just a simple birthday present for some friends and my guy for their birthday. i wasn't sure what i wanted to do and finally it just came to me yesterday what i should do. i would have worked on it last night but i had some technical difficulties (out of ink). so will have only a few hours to work on it today so that i can give it to them this evening.

i'm hoping the rest of the weekend i can finally play with my camera even more. i was so busy and tired the entire week that i didn't even get to touch my camera -_-. so i'm determined to spend a lot of my time this weekend playing with my new camera.

happy {arts & crafts} weekend!



glimpse inside - New York City home

interior designer Paula Caravelli's home in New York City has so much great stuff. love what she's done to her home. it has a touch of Paris inside her New York City apartment. love the vintage pieces she has in almost every room, it just makes me want to go shopping for some vintage pieces...if only we had more room in our apartment.



room of the week

when I saw this room I just fell in love with that couch and chaise. i could just see myself relaxing on there. just seems super comfy. it some what reminds me of a marshmallow...a chocolate marshmallow ^_^.


happy {birthday} monday...

it's my guys birthday today!...happy birthday LOVE!...we're just having a simple celebration today. dinner with friends and then watching a movie (Alice in Wonderland in 3D IMAX)...it's the march madness of birthdays. tons of birthdays this month.

and over the weekend i finally bought a new camera. so exciting. tons to learn on my new camera and extremely excited for what the new camera has to offer. (thanks to my guy who said that the only thing he wants for his birthday is for me to buy the camera that i've been wanting.)

last week i wasn't able to post much since i'm still trying to figure out things for my blog. i attended the blog out loud event in san francisco and got inspired with ideas, tips, etc. hopefully it'll get me out of this rut that i've been having.

it's going to be a great week...



happy {busy} monday

happy monday!

had a great mini vacay in Lake Tahoe...now time for a new week.

unfortunately i started to catch a cold over the weekend, so i'm not feeling too well. so i'm hoping to get over it soon by drinking lots of liquids, resting and taking some medicine.

it's going to be another busy week...have a great monday...great week...