i'm here...

victory ford / lindsay price

and i'm going to be dedicated to work on this blog. i'm back on track now. i was on vacation a couple of weeks ago. and a week before my vacation, i was super busy trying to get everything done before going on vacation, and when we got back from vacation i had to play catch up. but now, i am all caught up and ready to rededicate myself here.

not only am i caught up now and ready to start blogging, i am inspired ever since attending the bog out loud event last sunday. they mentioned to be consistent so that the readers will keep coming. so here i am ^_^...i'm still trying to come up w/ a game plan. one of the things that was mentioned was having maybe a set day for a specific topic, etc. i'm currently trying to figure out what i want. but definitely something is in the works...

so many ideas but so little time. to others it seems like blogging doesn't take time but it take a lot of time. just trying to find inspirations, etc to share here, topics to discuss, etc. i noticed through out the day i always try to think of what to "post". i'm consistently trying to find new things to put on here. but it's fun. i may spend my time longer than i should but it's all fun.


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