got sketch?

i'm always inspired whenever i see other peoples sketches. for some reason it's just so fascinating to see especially when they're the quick sketches (not perfect)...just to put their thoughts, ideas, etc down on paper. doodles too...i love seeing peoples doodles. just very interesting to see.

i think i'm going to start adding some sketches i may find here...just to get inspired ^_^...

here's a few sketches i ran into from design sponge. alex eben meyer was a guest sketch blogger at design sponge.

my favorite sketch is the bakery...i can just imagine the artist enjoying his cup of cappuccino and muffin while sketching. (i love it when i see artist at coffee shops, etc and just sketching. i always try to take a look at their work while their sketching...hehehe). he's a pretty talented artist. check out more of his work HERE.

...i myself need to work on my sketching skills again since it's been a while that i've done any sketches...maybe i'll include some of my sketches one of these days..."maybe" -_- ...but for now, i'll add other artists sketches...

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