treasure hunt

over the weekend we checked out a thrift store to see if there was anything i can get. i normally like to check out the houseware, furniture and frames area to see if i can find any cool vintage pieces. i usually don't find anything that i like but when i do, i must get them. this time i didn't just find one thing, but found 3 lovely items.

this was my favorite piece and not only was it the best one but it was also the cheapest. it was only 99cents! and it's lovely. the minute i saw it i knew what i'd use it for. i plan on putting my business cards on there instead of the "conventional" business card holders for the desk. it add more of a feminine touch. love...love...love it! (it's not as big as it looks. it's only 5"d & 2.75" ht.)

i am a sucker for containers. although i'm not quite sure what to put in here, but i'm sure i'll figure it out. i'm still debating if i should repaint this or leave it as is. i some what like the way it is but in a way i wonder if it would look even better if i was to spray paint it all black. if i do decide to paint it, i'll post a before and after picture.

this is another item that i'm not too sure what to use it for. i think i want to use it for some of my jewelry pieces that i use often and have it on my dresser or use it for something for my desk....not sure yet. but i do like this find. it was only $2.00! (8"x4.5"x2.5")

i decided i'll be going on a treasure hunt at least once a month and i'll share my finds :). (i think i'm going through my gold phase at the moment as you can tell.)

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