jason wu's new york apartment...

one of the up and coming new designers, jason wu was recently featured in nymag. the first i've heard of him and i'm sure most of us first heard of him was because of his infamous inauguration dress that he design for the first lady, michelle obama. i feel in love with that dress...the color, the construction, details and simplicity of it. it wasn't too overwhelming. it was very nice and elegant.


here's a glimpse of his new york apartment...

what a great view to have.

jason wu in his kitchen.

i want that gray floral wallpaper. it adds character to the room.

the gray monochromatic look works here and by adding a pop of color in the room adds even more personality to the space.

one of my favorite chairs...the red lacquered wood eames chair.

his closet...i see he likes to be comfortable while he's working. it's all about comfort, this way you're more productive throughout the day.

(images courtesy of nymag.)

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