socialite olivia palermo tribeca apartment

olivia palermo-4

i was going through my delicious bookmark and ran into this and thought i'd post it up since it's one of my favorite interiors.

this 1960's inspired one bedroom apartment is true simple elegance.

the walk in closet looks so glamorous especially with that zebra print rug. i'm not normally a fan of animal prints, but for some reason...it works.

olivia palermo-3
the hermes orange tray looks great surrounded with all that neutral colors around it.

olivia palermo-2
the art deco chair just adds even more sophistication to the space. and check out the lovely photo of audrey hepburn on the window sill :).

(image courtesy of nypost.)

1 comment:

Deborah said...

I love this place!!!!
And she's so beautifull also!
With my friends we always say that one of our dreams when we blow the candels in our birthdays is that our apartments in Palermo look like that!!
Hope someday this dreams come true, can you imagine?