work in progress...

i'm almost feeling a 100% better. i'm at about 87% right now...slowly getting there. and thankfully it's going to start cooling down as well. it's been way too hot to do anything.

i did manage to play around with how i want this blog to look. i don't know much about html, etc and all those technical stuff. but thanks to the internet, i found a few sites, like bloggerbuster, to help me out so that i can customize my blog the way i want it to look.

one of my favorite color combos is the infamous tiffany blue color + brown. those were my inspirational colors.

i'm still playing around with it, so it's a work in progress. so far, i like how it turned out. simple, but not too simple. i wanted to keep it simple so that it doesn't distract from my posts. i may leave it the way it is or i may try other options.

stay tune...

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