derek lam's loft

one of my favorite designers, derek lam, was featured in harpers bazaar featuring his soho loft. it's always nice to see one of my favorite designers living space.

the skylight in the living room makes the room even feel more open. love the pop of color with those blue chairs. wall art doesn't always have to be hung up and this just proves it. by having the wall art low, it makes the space even feel taller and grand.

it's nice to have a seating area in a master bedroom where you can unwind from a long hard day.

one way to make your artwork stand out, is to have darker walls and furniture while having a nice, bright piece of art like this Picasso.

i am liking this masculine look of furniture.

outdoor space is always a luxury for the city. what a great space to entertain.

(images courtesy of harpers bazaar)

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