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over the weekend i decided to paint one of my frames that i've had for more than 10 years. i received it as a gift from one of my cousins. i was going to toss the frame and just buy a new frame for the photo that's currently in there, but i decided i should just paint it white to give it more of an updated look, since i didn't really want to recut the photo especially since it's currently in a heart shape and it'll be hard to find a frame that will match the exact dimension of the photo. so painting the frame white was the next best thing.

and i thought it looks a lot better now. it goes well with my new white small frame that i got at Michaels. a simple coat of paint can come a long way.

{update}...here's a photo of the frame next to some other frames... the black frame behind it, i plan on replacing. i'm thinking of looking for another white frame...for some reason lately i've been drawn to white frames. i need a frame large enough to hide the outlet behind.

(see our lovely beta fish, "tuyo".)

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