Happy weekend...

The weekend is finally here and feels like Summer already even though technically it's still Spring. Not sure if I'm liking this heat, but thankfully it's suppose to cool down and it'll feel more like Spring.

I can't help but think about relaxing by the beach, just reading a good book, enjoying some good company and maybe have some cocktails on hand. Yesterday we finally purchased our plane tickets to Hawaii...going to Oahu to be exact. We'll be going on late September, early October. Looking forward to hanging out and just being a beach bum, that's what a vacation is all about. Forget a jammed packed itinerary, relaxation is the number one priority. Counting the days 'til we get to paradise. Hopefully the besties will be able to meet us there too.


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annechovie said...

It's getting hot here, too, Levina! Hope you have a terrific weekend. xx