Too many to choose...

Finally finished reading my chic-lit book. I've been reading it on and off for about 8 months. I know that's too long, but at one point I had no desire or energy to finish reading it. But I am proud to say I finally did it. I was motivated to finish it since I want to read a new book, but I've told myself not to buy any books until the book is finished therefore I won't have so many "unfinished" books. Now it's time to choose which book to read next. There's so many I want to read.

Here's the next book that I will most likely be reading...

The Knitting Circle | Ann Hood

I read an article online that Katherine Heigl is making a tv movie based on this book. So I figured I should read this first. Maybe I can somewhat relate to this book from my recent experience. Can't wait to purchase this book this week.

Safe Haven | Nicholas Sparks

I did buy this new book yesterday. I stopped by the Borders by my work that will be closing and found this book that I've been wanting to read and it was 60% off! (I definitely have to go back again before they completely close.) Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors and I have a few of his books and movies that was based on his novels. So this will be a great new addition to my collection. Can't wait to start reading this as well.


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