happy {arts & crafts} weekend...

hello weekend!

it's going to be an arts and crafts weekend. since i only have a day to work on this, it won't be my best, but i'll still put some love and effort to it. just a simple birthday present for some friends and my guy for their birthday. i wasn't sure what i wanted to do and finally it just came to me yesterday what i should do. i would have worked on it last night but i had some technical difficulties (out of ink). so will have only a few hours to work on it today so that i can give it to them this evening.

i'm hoping the rest of the weekend i can finally play with my camera even more. i was so busy and tired the entire week that i didn't even get to touch my camera -_-. so i'm determined to spend a lot of my time this weekend playing with my new camera.

happy {arts & crafts} weekend!


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