he's just not that into you - fashion

one of my favorite movies...he's just not that into you...i can just watch this movie over and over without getting sick of it. i think at one point in our lives we can at least relate to one of the characters...

ever since i saw this movie a few months back, i've been trying to figure out a few jewelry pieces that the characters are wearing and i found it! (thanks to instyle.)

the watch - hermes watch $1,775 (hermes)
the minute i saw the watch i totally fell in love with it especially since it's my favorite color (red). but unfortunately, $1,775 is totally out of my price range. so i need to find something that's similar to it and closer to my budget...now that'll be a challenge...i'm on the hunt for a knock off of some sort...

the wishbone necklace - jennifer meyer necklace $700 (roseark.com)
i love the simplicity of this necklace. i so want this. but $700 is out of my price range as well...so now i need to find something that'll work w/ my wallet...

i so want these! *sigh*

(images courtesy of instyle.)

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