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about a year ago, i made this picture box as a wedding anniversary to one of my dear friends. it's one of my favorite projects that i've done. the apt was a mess for a few days, but well worth it. i loved how it turned out. i wish i would have taken more photos of the the inside and the process of it.

i got this idea from one of my crafty friends. i'll post up the explosion box that my friend made for me within the next few days. i have to take some photos of it first.

the display case is semi-custom made. i bought a baseball display case from michaels. the cover for it didn't fit, so i went to tap plastics and had them cut up acrylic clear plastic and i glued it together.

i got the colors from her wedding colors. i saved the invitations, etc and brought it all with me to michaels and tried to match it as close as possible. and the top portion of the cover (their initials), was from her wedding invitation.

the photos that i used was mostly photos that my guy took. he got some good shots :).

i think this project was the project that brought back my inspiration in art, design, etc. i'm glad i took pictures of this before i gave it away. just brings back joy.

and now i'm on the hunt for my next "crafty" project.

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