santana row

Santana Row
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Santana Row...one of my favorite places to go to. i always seem to be inspired whenever i'm there. especially when i'm there early on a sunday morning, before the weekend crowd arrives. just walking around drinking my lovely soy white mocha (iced/warm...prefer iced even on a rainy day...actually, especially on a rainy day) and just enjoying the peaceful morning and watching the people set up for the farmers market, families spending time on a sunday morning, and just sitting out in the couryard reading my book and just enjoying the view of the buildings and appreciating how it is all designed.

i found this lovely image courtesy of Flickr. i just love the way the colors turned out. i'm not sure how it was done, but I'd love to learn how to and maybe try it out myself one of these days.

i just realized i haven't been to santana row in weeks. something always seems to come up and prevents me on going there. i don't really like going there in the afteroon/evening, not unless i really have to. i prefer going in the morning because it's much more peaceful and i get good parking for sure. hopefully i'll be able to go sometime soon.

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