first day

today is the first day for this blog. i decided to start this blog so that i can share my thoughts, ideas and inspirations that i find. this time i want to dedicate at least 2x/week on this blog. i don't know how people find the time to write on blogs almost everyday especially having a regular 9-5 grind. i will do my best to keep up w/ this. there are a few blogs out there that i read and check out almost everyday and was inspired by it to start my own blog.

i am still trying to figure out the how i want this layout to look like. it took me a while to figure out the name for my blog since most names i had in mind was taken. i decided to use "blueprint look book" since it'll be a place for me to share things that interest me or not interest me.

i'm very new to this so please bare w/ me...(i'm no carrie bradshaw...but i do love her)

so here it goes...

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