is it really over??

i was doing my usual blog reading today and found out that Domino might be going away too. i use to subscribe to 3-4 different interior design magazines, but when my subscriptions were over, i only decided to subscribe to one magazine...DOMINO...and now i hear that they might be cancelling their magazine like so many other magazines out there. what am i to do :(. they are my ultimate favorite magazine. i always find new things and always seem to get inspired after reading their articles. and i also have about 7 months left from my subscription...hopefully they'll still be around for a few more months at least.

i'm thinking of subscribing to another magazine, but now i'm afraid that they too will be cancelled. it's like television shows getting canceled, but this to me means so much more and it's just sad.

i love my design magazines... they're just so inspiring. i love them so much that i can't even toss a single issue. they're all stored in the storage right now. and before i found out about this sad news i was even planning on reorganizing our storage and boxing up my old magazines for safe keeping...i'll still have to do that project and will keep an update on how that goes.


Jennifer Ramos said...

Yikes! Where did you hear about this?

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

::levina:: said...

i heard it from apartment therapy...hope they'll survive.