Living Room - to purchase

Since we've decided to stay another year at our lovely small abode, I finally decided to make a few purchases for our place. At first I didn't want to purchase anything until we've moved to a new place, but since it's another year and I haven't really purchased anything since we've moved here (which is probably 4years or so now). And since the last time I really purchased anything for our place was during my college years, I think it's time to upgrade a few things. Plus I can't wait another year to change the space up a little. So these 3 are the main components I'd like to purchase sometime soon for our living room. I was looking for something that's within my budget, and I think these fits the criteria.

1. henny rand curtains - ikea
2. zigzag rug - west elm
3. adjustable metal floor lamp - west elm

Once I get these, then next stop is to change our bathroom accessories a little. Just a few little changes to our place to change it up a bit. No need to purchase anything major to change things, sometimes it's just the little things that needs some changing.


Dallas Shaw said...

love your blog and linked you!

Cherisse @ [Framing Spaces] said...

I can't wait to see the transformation! I love the selections!